The leadership betting remains stable in spite of developments –

The above betting chart shows just how stable the betting has become with Truss barely moving off a 90% chance since the start of the month.

Although the race is occupying so much media attention very littie is happening that is going to prevent the now gaffe-prone Truss from being made leader and getting the call from the Palace on September 6th.

At the moment she is running a terrible campaign with U-turn after U-turn saying one thing one day and something totally different 24 hours later. I’m beginning to wonder if the political betting story of 2023 will be on how long she can last and it would not surprise me if the Tories had another leader for the next election.

Sunak hasn’t been much better and I’ve started to feel a bit sorry for both of them going from event to event traveling hundreds of miles when the outcome is not really at stake.

Mike Smithson

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