AtomicDEX Mobile v0.5.3 Is Live! Polygon Support Added

AtomicDEX Mobile v0.5.3 is now available on Android and iOS test programs.

AtomicDEX charges zero fees for market makers and only 0.13% for market takers, while gas fees are minuscule for trading cross-chain for the vast majority of supported blockchains.


  • Upgrade Flutter (2.8.1) — increased performance and null safety features
  • Removed some sounds during swap (silent swap)
  • Add Polygon protocol and Pegaxy protocol support
  • Show contract address of tokens
  • Added Spanish translation


  • Massive wallet management logic refactoring/optimization
  • Security settings and coins set are not unique for the wallet but global for the application
  • Better handling of errors on coins activation
  • Fix coin suspended state
  • Show send button even if there are no funds in the wallet
  • Added pubkey button for MCL
  • Many tiny interface polishments


  • Fix correct PIN input error
  • Fix app stalling on startup
  • Fix QTUM address validation (inactive-“active” coins in portfolio)
  • Fix error after opening Help and Support in Russian
  • Multiple other small bugs fixes
The Polygon blockchain protocol and PLG20 tokens are now supported on AtomicDEX Mobile.

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