Josh Hawley Ripped To Shreds And Called A Laughingstock In Home State Editorial

The editorial board of the Kansas City Star deemed Sen. Josh Hawley to be a national laughingstock and suggested that he fears what his emails and texts reveal about the 1/6 attack.

The editorial opened by calling Josh Hawley a laughingstock and continued:

We realize Hawley’s conscience won’t make him suddenly do the right thing and tell the Jan. 6 committee what he knew and when he knew it. But as GOP Rep. Liz Cheney said Thursday while announcing more public hearings to come: “Doors have opened, new subpoenas have been issued, and the dam has begun to break. … We have considerably more to do.” The committee has delivered on its promises so far. Since Trump left office, many insiders have revealed in interviews and tell-alls that his administration really was as unethical and chaotic as its worst detractors claimed all along. (Gee, thanks guys, but why couldn’t you have come clean back before the damage was done?)

History will not look kindly upon the dead-enders who continued to defend Trump long after it became apparent his conduct was indefensible. When Cheney is saying even more birds are singing, believe her. Sen. Josh Hawley might not fear a little mockery of his hasty flight from Capitol marauders. But he might be justified if he’s afraid of what emails or text messages some previously-loyal staffer might be considering turning over to the House committee. Stay tuned to the hearings.

Republicans like Trump and Hawley are being brutalized in newspaper editorials around the country.

The 1/6 Committee has attracted a larger audience and penetrated deeper into the national discourse than Republicans could have feared. With one brief segment of a hearing, the Committee turned Josh Hawley into a joke and more importantly exposed him as a fraud whose talk about masculinity is political branding that he hoped to ride to the White House.

Josh Hawley went from being a senator with Oval Office dreams to a national joke thanks to the 1/6 Committee.

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