Cupcakes in Santa Cruz

We were looking for cupcakes in Santa Cruz California. And we found the perfect thing.

Butttercup cakes for cupcakes in Santa Cruz
Butttercup cakes

Tony and I had the pleasure of photographing at Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse frosting at their shop in downtown Santa Cruz. It was one of the cutest cupcake shops I’ve ever been in. Recently, however, they suffered some unfortunate setbacks. The shop was moved, and then closed at the beginning of Covid. Later moved to Davenport, it burned during the fire.

However, they still provide cupcakes to order from their website, and they are a lovely addition to a wedding table.

The cupcakes taste like my grandmother used to make – homemade, buttery – but pretty enough for a wedding!  Carren, one of the owners told us how they make the buttery frosting and it stays looking beautiful on wedding cakes even for outdoor weddings, so a couple doesn’t have to choose between a gorgeous cake and one that taste incredible.

Cupcakes in Santa Cruz from Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse frosting
Cupcakes in Santa Cruz from Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse frosting

These taste homemade, but are much prettier, and came with a surprise filling. They were just the thing for the kids party.

Cupcakes in Santa Cruz
cupcake from Cupcake Corner in Santa Cruz

Beautiful Cupcakes all dressed up for the tea party.  My Cupcake Corner makes delicious cupcakes decorated for all sorts of occasions and events.  They all have fillings that make them extra special (the Bonny Dune blackberries are fantastic!)

Kelly, the owner, told me they are very popular for weddings because everyone gets their own little cake, and the couple saves the cost of cake cutting.  She has a line of booze cakes just for such an occasion.  They are local, vegan, organic, and she sells through the internet and at a pop-up stand – doesn’t get much more Santa Cruz than that!

Cupcakes in Santa Cruz
Cupcakes for a tea party

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