Google rolling out automatic audio toggle option for devices paired with Pixel Buds Pro

Google is starting to roll out its new audio switching feature for Android. Through its use, Android users can automatically switch audio between devices. However, this feature hinges on the use of Pixel Buds Pro.

With a pair of wireless Pixel Buds Pro, users will be able to start taking advantage of this new feature. Once available, Android will automatically toggle between any supported phone or tablet. Of course, this also requires the devices to have Bluetooth multipoint connections.

The Android audio toggling system intelligently utilizes a priority system. For instance, if you are listening to Spotify on your tablet and a call comes through on your smartphone, it will automatically transfer the audio over. Users can also switch back via a notification if the software has made a mistake at any point.

Google confirms that although the feature is exclusive to Pixel Buds Pro, for the time being, more headphones will be folded in. This feature is expanding to JBL and Sony devices in the “coming weeks,” Google states. In the future, Google aims to bring this functionality to more platforms outside the Android ecosystem. However, a timeline for this to occur is not yet confirmed.

This feature is similar to the one Apple provides across its devices. Back in 2020, Apple introduced the ability to transfer the connection of a pair of AirPods between its devices. Using AirPods, users can quickly switch between iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Once a wider range of devices can use the feature, this will be novel for Android users with Bluetooth earbuds.

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are available to pre-order now and release on July 28th.

Source: Google Via: Engadget

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