In this post we are going to learn how we can promote our websites or blogs through Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking site where people can  make their social media profile and get together or in touch with their friends and family. This is the world no.1 social media platform where all are united and easily approachable. Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was enrolled at Harvard University. By 2006, anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address could join Facebook. Today, Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with more than one billion users worldwide. Following are some paid or free features of Facebook to promote your websites and blogs.

1. Facebook Ads.

This is the most advance way to promote your websites or blogs. Here you will get many features for the focused marketing. Facebook ads are divided into three levels. These levels are the following.

a. Campaign Level : This is the highest level, you can have multiple ads sets per campaign and each ad sets can have multiple ads.

b. Ad Sets : You can create detailed targeting to show ads to the people who most likely to buy your product or service. 

c. Ad : This is what the customer actually see. This is where you write your ads and chose your image or video to actually show new potential customers. 

Best Features Of Facebook Ads:

(i). Custom Audience: You make a custom audience from pretty much anything, the two most common examples are  from a customer file (email list)  or website traffic (people who visit your website or specially web page) these are important because you can get fancy with what you do with them.
For example you can create a custom audience of everyone who viewed your sales or order page but did not view your thank you page (the thank you page only shows after purchase) this means you can later regret buyers who were chose to buying but have not yet for whatever reason.

(ii) Lookalike Audience: A lookalike audience utilizes Facebook’s almost unimaginable sore of data on pretty much every one on earth to create new audience of people who are similar to another audience (or they look alike).
For example you have a Facebook page where you are advertising your product or service if you get 1000 people from Canada  to all like your page, you can create a lookalike audience of people in Canada  who share your number of data attributes including age, education and purchase history with those 1000 people  who liked  your page.
Once you create lookalike audiences you want to set them to 1/10 (or the most accurate – make on you will see what i mean when you go to make one) and then choose additional interests after you create a lookalike audience to even further target your audience for example you might make a lookalike audience of 1000 people in Canada who like your page, and then from that audience further narrow to only include people from your broad lookalike audience that also like SRK.
You can also create lookalike audiences from people who purchase your product to create the most targeted possible lookalike audience the more purchases you have the more accurate audience become.

(iii) Facebook Pixel : Have you ever noticed that one day you will be casually browsing your favorite fashion jewelry website and then all of a sudden you have fashion jewelry advertisements all over your Facebook feed. How does that happen?
Think of a Facebook pixel as a identifier meaning when you visit a website, say www.fashionjewelry.tm  they have what is called Facebook pixel installed in the HTML backend of their website hidden from your view. Facebook has ID’s for each of its user so when you visit www.fashionjewelry.tm , that allows the owners of www.fashionjewelry.tm to then re target you with more ads because they know expressed interest in their fine fashion jewelry.
You can also get fancy with Facebook pixel by creating custom audience of users who visited only your page ( which only shows after purchase) this means you can re targets users who were close to making a purchase but did not. 

2. Facebook Pages and Groups 

Pasting your website’s post or url on Facebook page or group is the most easy, common and free way to promote your website. The people who liked or linked with that particular page or group will see your post and may click or purchase the product or service that you provides. You can also create your own page and group for the promotion of the service or product you provides. 

3.  Facebook Feeds , Comments and Tags

You can paste your website’s url on your Facebook feeds and can tag 99 people. By this your post could be viewed by friends of the friends you have tagged in your post. You can search current famous topic and can comment your website’s url on that topic’s post. The people who are following that posts and already commented on the post will see your comment.