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What Is ClickBank And How Does It Work?

ClickBank or Click Bank (CB) is a large affiliate marketing marketplace that you can promote products and services for in return of a commission from sales referred. ClickBank is a notable affiliate marketplace as well, being one of two #1 affiliate companies across the world.

CB has been in business for over 20 years and stands as an extremely profitable enterprise. ClickBank has paid out over 4 Billion dollars to affiliates and vendors.

Their focus is to bring together product creators (Vendors) and affiliate marketers, those looking to sell vendors products, and allowing people from over 200 countries the ability to sell  products online very efficiently and profitably.

Click Bank collects a portion of sales rendered by vendors. These sales made by vendors, are often in the majority referred sales by affiliates.

So in essence, ClickBank works by allowing people to bring their own products onto the platform while collecting a small portion of total sales in order to profitably run their own affiliate operations.

Over the years more and more people have turned to ClickBank to sell their products, because of the massive amount of affiliate marketers that use the platform to make money online.

Another reason for this, is ClickBank itself has increased the variety of niches and industries available to be promoted, and more people have seen massive success promoting vendors products as affiliates over the years as well.

ClickBank Affiliate Program Review

You’ll find that Clickbank itself is not what you’re selling when becoming a “ClickBank Affiliate”. When you “Become an affiliate” for Click Bank, you’re becoming an affiliate for one or many of their thousands of vendors in hundreds of niches, who each have their own variety of products and services offered in their own marketplaces.

Regardless of the niche or industry you select to promote in, becoming an affiliate at ClickBank is free. As well, most vendors through ClickBank affiliate platforms pay on average 50% commissions or more on every sale you refer to them.

This is another reason ClickBank attracts so many affiliate marketers, because of the very nice high commissions.

Often in affiliate programs for ClickBank you’ll earn multiple different commissions from selling one product, because the product vendor will have a variety of other products and services they still offer to the people you refer to them, this is done through upsells and downsells.

This allows you to very quickly be able to increase your commissions earned as an affiliate, because you earn from multiple upsells, downsells, resells, etc. This is the best type of affiliate marketing, because you can earn more money without doing any additional work.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace

Of course you may want to promote more then one kind of products or services. With the ClickBank affiliate marketplace, you’ll be able to sell for as many vendors as you wish, which will allow you to earn multiple different streams of income from selling different vendors products and services.

The click bank affiliate marketplace is filled with every niche, industry, and variety of offerings you can imagine.

One thing that you should be careful of when choosing which companies and vendors to promote for, is to make sure you’re promoting for an ethical and reliable company that takes cares of their customers well. By making sure you only sell for the best companies and vendors possible, you will maximize your commissions as an affiliate and serve your prospects and customers better too.

A good way to test and see if a product or vendor has good products and services, is to review and find more information out about the company. You can look for a companies website, you can review the professionalism of their funnels and sales pages, and you can look for testimonials and social proof.

By measuring and checking all of these factors, you’ll be able to quickly determine and review which companies you should or should not invest your time, energy, or money into.

ClickBank has their own internal checks and balances to ensure that vendors meet up to quality standards, and are worthy to be featured in their platform for affiliates. So rest assured ClickBank does the background work for you, so you do not have to.

How To Make Money With ClickBank

There is several ways to make money with ClickBank in an ethical and very profitable way. In order to collect commissions and earn money with CB, you’ll need to sign up as an affiliate first with ClickBank. Then review and choose one of the hundreds of product / service vendors inside of ClickBank that you wish to sell their product. Next, you will need to come up with a plan or strategy on how you’re going to sell these products and services.

Your strategy should include, how you’re going to…

1. Collect leads who would be interested in products and services you have chosen to sell.

2. Implement a process for selling, following up with, and managing the leads and customers you generate.

Then you’ll be able to make money selling just about any product or service you can imagine from the Click Bank Marketplace.

Our recommendation is, if you have little to no marketing experience, that it would be extremely beneficial for you to take a course that is specific to learning how to sell products & services from the ClickBank marketplace.

There can be many hurdles to selling online, much that you will not know how to do, unless you learn how first. There are several great courses created by ClickBank vendors who have made millions of dollars from ClickBank.

These courses listed below will speed up your success and shorten the learning curve for you, these two courses are offered by two of the most successful marketers on ClickBank.

1. Fast Tracks Free Web Class by Merlin Holmes

2. Free Online Work Shop by John Crestani

ClickBank Refund Policy

ClickBank has one of the best refund policies in the world. If you request a refund, the majority of the time you will be rewarded with one. ClickBank wants to ensure there is great customer satisfaction and retention, which is why they are usually able to handle refunds and issues very efficiently.

Additionally, you will find that ClickBank has a very customer friendly support system on top of everything else they have going on for them. They get back to customers and support questions within 24 hours, and are always making sure to serve you as much as they possibly can.

ClickBank Scams or Good Company

ClickBank is not a scam, and there are very few vendors on ClickBank that aren’t very reputable. You’ll find that the majority of the time, whether you’re an affiliate or buying a click Bank product yourself, the products and services you decide to invest in will be of high quality and perform very well.

ClickBank is one of the longest running and most successful affiliate marketing platforms that exist online, and has built their reputation on their excellent customer service and vetting process for vendors to ensure all products are of quality and to make sure vendors are being extremely ethical in all practices.

Anyone who claims ClickBank is a scam, either has never used the product or services they’ve purchased, or most likely they’re trolling and trying to get attention to something they themselves are promoting (called bait and switch). A company don’t last over 20 years and pay out over 4 billion dollars if they are a scam..Make sense?

Is ClickBank Legit?

ClickBank is 100% a legit and great company with a certified A+ rating with the BBB. ClickBank provides great products and services in a variety of niches that anyone can use or sell for at any moment. I highly recommend if you’re looking to sell or invest, you should check this out now to learn how to become a great affiliate or find good products.

There are also hundreds of worldwide recognized affiliate marketers and influencers who all support and have been using ClickBank for 2 decades. ClickBank will continue to grow and be one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms in the world.

ClickBank Frequently Ask Questions:

1. How do I sign up for ClickBank?

ClickBank Sign Up – this is same link to sign up from, whether you are signing up as a vendor or as an affiliate.

2. How do I login to ClickBank?

ClickBank Login – this the same login link for both affiliates and vendors.

3. Can ClickBank be trusted?

Yes, they have been in business for over 20 years, and have paid out over 4 billion dollars to affiliates and vendors. They operate in over 200 countries, and have dedicated support. They also have a diligent process to allow only quality products and services to be sold from their platform.

4. Does ClickBank Work?

Yes, they are a leading global retailer with one of the largest and longest running affiliate marketing platforms that exist.

5. Can ClickBank make you money?

Absolutely! Again, they have paid out over 4 billion dollars to the affiliates and vendors. There are many people who have made millions of dollars from ClickBank. However, they are not a get rich scheme, they are a legitimate company that operates in over 200 countries.

If you want to make money using ClickBank, learn proper marketing techniques first. Making money online is no different than anything else in life, if you do not know how to so something, you need someone to teach you, so do not be foolish, take a marketing course from an expert, like from these two:

1. Fast Tracks Free Web Class by Merlin Holmes

2. Free Online Work Shop by John Crestani

 6. How does ClickBank pay you?

ClickBank pays by check, direct deposit, wire transfer or payoneer. Instructions can be found here, or you can set it up in your account details in your members area.

7. How often does ClickBank pay you?

ClickBank users can select to be paid weekly or biweekly (every other week). Paychecks are issued on Fridays, two days after the pay period end.

8. Does ClickBank cost money?

No, Clickbank is free to join and use as an affiliate, but as a vendor there is a one-time activation fee of $49.95 that must be paid when a ClickBank vendors first product is approved. If your product is not approved, you are not responsible for the fee.

 9. Is ClickBank Safe?

It is very safe, they have been in business a very long time, and have a very secure site and ordering process. They have many very highly skilled programmers and employees that ensure that ClickBank is safe to use 24/7. You do not last this long in business being unsafe. They process thousands of transactions every single day without breach.

In closing

We hope this ClickBank review helps you understand how ClickBank works, and how it can benefit you both as a vendor or as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing and working with company’s like ClickBank is one of the major ways most people choose to start making extra money from home.

We are here to support you: EMoneyPeeps is a community of like minded individuals on a mission to help people across the world learn how to start, build, and grow your own online businesses from home.

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