Yvette Arellano: Did She Ditch Mohamed for a New Mystery Man?

On this season of 90 Day Fiance, Mohamed Abdelhamed’s interest in his green card has been obvious.

He has spoken openly about his goals on camera … sometimes reducing Yvette Arellano to tears in the process.

However, the latest episode showed Mohamed have an apparent change of heart.

Are they still together? Or has Yve moved on with a new mystery man?

After recent conflicts over wedding plans, Yve’s spirituality, her friends, and more, Mohamed called his mom.

Viewers are extremely aware of how close he is to his mother.

Back in Egypt, she did everything for him, which is why he expected Yvette to do do the same as his fiancee and wife.

Mohamed asked his mother, very directly, if he should “make” Yvette dress and act like an Egyptian woman.

He was surprised by his mother’s answer.

In a word, “no.” But she said even more than that.

Reminding Mohamed that Yvette lives in a different country with a different culture, she told him to not try to control her.

She also asked that Mohamed acclimate himself to his new life, slowly, and without being “cranky.”

Mohamed seemed to take offense at the implication that he might be cranky … but viewers know what she meant.

Mohamed of course told the camera that he does not “agree” with his mother’s advice.

To be clear, she just told him to respect who his future wife is and to adjust himself to his new home.

However, when he and Yve went out to dinner, Mohamed displayed a brand new attitude.

Dinner went well … mostly.

Mohamed did get a little inquisitive while Yvette looked through the wine menu, but she promised that she would not order any.

Yve has reduced her drinking, cleaned out her closet, and eliminated pork from her diet entirely to please him. Oh, and she installed a bidet.

However, Mohamed displayed a newly, surprisingly enlightened attitude about Yve and her friends’ cultural differences.

He noted that everyone in the United States has different beliefs.

Pluralism is part of our nation’s culture. To hear Mohamed tell it, he has accepted that … and accepted Yve.

Mohamed then surprised Yve, dropping to one knee to re-propose to her.

Yes, they were already engaged, but this time, he was renewing his commitment to her.

Despite all of the tears and hurtful moments and the obvious differences, Yvette was overjoyed.

Yve later shared on Instagram that this was actually the third ring that he had given her.

The first was the emerald-cut ruby. The second was the gold and diamonds wedding set.

This ring was the third, she explained, declaring that she loved each ring.

A Reddit user posted a photo (apparently sourced from elsewhere on social media) showing Yve out with no Mohamed.

Now, it’s possible that she was simply enjoying her night while Mohamed was at home — possibly with Tharan. Maybe the dude in the pic is just a fan.

But many fans wonder if the mystery man behind her is a new partner. Ideally, one who supports and actually likes her. Truth? Or wishful thinking?

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