‘You’re not gonna get Covid if you have these vaccinations’ – Biden fails own fact check with back to back Covid infections

In July of 2021, President Joe Biden was selling Covid vaccinations. “You’re not gonna get Covid if you have these vaccinations,” he claimed in front of the cameras.  He may have overstated the efficacy of the vaccinations developed for the Corona Virus, but you do what you gotta do when you’re hard selling the American People, right?

Fast forward to July of 2022 and Biden himself has tested positive for Covid twice, clearly disapproving his own erroneous claims.

What’s a little misinformation when your trying to sell shots? Wait, how did social justice media giants miss this in their quest for public truth?

People’s lives were impacted by the Covid Vaccination push. The science may still be out on the statistical relevance of the negative impacts of the vaccine itself, but people who lost their jobs and livelihoods when their employers mandated vaccination were directly affected by Biden’s claims. If it was clear that efficacy was uncertain, perhaps there would have been more tolerance for personal choice.

Not only is it hard to act in opposition to the president’s promise of safety, citizens put their trust into the words of the nation’s leader. Many, many people who believed that they were being vaccinated to stop Coronavirus still contracted the virus.

There may be value in vaccination, depending on various individual factors. In order to make an informed decision objectively, individuals have to have the available facts and nothing but the facts.

Notice that Twitter is still dedicated to marking Tweets regarding COVID-19 with their own brand of factual integrity regarding the virus – with propagandus flair. Anyone else having a hard time discerning absolute truth regarding the Pandemic and how best to protect your family, but still go on about living life to its fullest?

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