YouGov’s CON members’ polling head to heads –


I am finding the above YouGov CON Member’s table on Wikipedia to be an excellent resource during the current contest.

Looking at it Sunak has struggled to progress while Truss has done far better following the first round of polling.

This weekend I am expecting a number of national voting polls including from Opinium and my guess is that we will see some named leader polling. How would people vote at a general election with Truss and then Sunak running against Starmer.

This is the one hope of the Sunak campaign. He needs to be able to demonstrate that the Tories would have a better chance of retaining power after the next election with him as PM rather than Truss who clearly is the members’ favourite.

There is not much time left before the ballot packs go out to members and this weekend’s set of numbers could be crucial.

Mike Smithson

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