Yes, Rapper Lil Nas X Performed Dolly Parton’s Iconic ‘Jolene’

Performed by Dolly Parton, the country mega-hit “Jolene” tells the true story of a woman who the singer said tried to take her man — and in 2021 a rapper stepped in to offer his own rendition of the song. 

“Now, this is a true story for those that don’t know. I wrote this song about 20 years ago about this woman down in Nashville that worked in the bank — she was trying to take care of my husband while I was out on the road,” said Parton in a 1980 performance.

“Well, that didn’t go over too big with me. I followed that redheaded woman like a wildcat. She jerked my wig off and almost beat me to death with it, but I kept my husband. I got that sucker home and beat the tar outta him.”

In a previously recorded interview, Parton said that although she is a “country girl,” almost any of her songs “could be slowed down and done [in] any way.”

And on Sept. 21, 2021, rapper Lil Nas X took the iconic 1973 hit for a spin in his own baritone way during a live recording on Radio 1’s Live Lounge for BBC.

The “Country Roads” rapper can be seen singing in a red-hued room surrounded by flowers.

Shortly after the video hit the internet, fans of both musicians went wild. The video was posted in a number of media outlets, from Rolling Stone to Entertainment Weekly.

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