What are the U.S. elites & their allies seeking to gain through their diplomacy-free policy toward China, Russia and their allies?

What is the ultimate goal?

Where is their constant bellicosity leading?

What is the end game we are facing?

For just over two decades now a war has been waged in full view but totally unannounced.

It was never once declared but it is real enough. Many have been surprised at its ferocity & the fact that no diplomacy took place or was ever called for by the side waging it.

This unannounced, undeclared war has been fought not only by the US & European politicians. It has been fought also by the entirety of western mass media. These three powerful elites have fought side by side for twenty years against their primary targets, China and all its allies, including, of course, Russia.

Western elites are in a relentless pursuit of multiple regime change targets to avoid their global patrician dominance being eclipsed by China and its allies. The goal of the war far exceeds damaging/destroying China and Russia however. It has a far more ambitious goal than even this.

The goal is none other than complete global U.S. control in tandem with all allies within its orbit.

The USA won’t stand alone at the apex of a new, controlled world. Its primary ally Britain will be there also, bowing low & taking commands as usual. All the USA’s other allies will take somewhat lesser positions.

The rest of us?

We will be supervised VERY closely until we submit.

In waging the end game war there are to be no loose ends. There are to be no unaccounted for communications. All must be visible, known, supervised & certified safe within an environment of total oversight. In short, of full spectrum dominance by the USA and its allies.

If there is any gap in global dominance it will be flagged for attention and dealt with, bringing it in line with all other protocols designed to ensure total security for the USA. The level of response will be applied rigorously using all necessary means.

9/11 bored deep into the traumatised skulls of all those who would now enslave the rest of the world for the sake of America. This added an additional layer on top of what was a previously existing demand that the world acknowledge global U.S. hegemony.

The war against those not in full compliance with U.S. wishes has been ongoing since the events of 9/11 took place.

However, it was only in 2007 that the present level of urgency was felt & first seen regarding Russia via the initiation of persistent & ever-growing attacks by mass media on Vladimir Putin after his Munich speech of that year.

Ultimately the plan requires that everyone be monitored 24/7 using GPS positioning of the telecommunications of the entire human race from space.

The USA has had a messianic desire to teach the world how good it is & urge its systems to be followed by all others almost since the day it was founded. A sense of superiority has prevailed for a number of reasons within group-thought myopia of self-interested mythologies. As time passed this rose to the levels seen in modern times where the concept of being exceptional rose to a peak.

The western world is already monitored to a high degree.

It began with CCTV, continued with personal detail collection. It surged forward via the internet and the mobile phone. Now with seamless systems collecting each call, text, email with the location visited, purchase made & so much more. Big data grows bigger daily.

Before 9/11 it appeared that the majority in the USA had more or less accepted the world as it was. The feeling of superiority continued, though the desire to transform the world in its image abated somewhat, assuaged by the “successful” conclusion of the Cold War.

9/11 changed EVERYTHING.

It is true Neocons existed before 9/11 along with their concept of overall US superiority & their goal & determination to ensure ultimate US control in perpetuity. However, it took 9/11 to make the crucial difference between a plan & action.

In the days after 9/11, it was agreed at the highest possible level that there could be no more ignoring potential threats.

Each statement indicating a less than positive view of the USA & US foreign policy was to be noted for present & ongoing future attention.

In those meetings after 9/11, it was decided that every single negative factor seen anywhere worldwide, any individual in authority & any government deigning to express negativity toward the U.S.A. was to be a target for undermining & eventual elimination.

There were to be no exceptions.

No targets too small, or too large. Meticulously detailed files were to be scrupulously kept. Programs of demonisation & destabilization were to be carefully planned & executed. The 9/11 security project was to have the highest priority.

The 9/11 protocols are set in stone till the day full spectrum dominance dawns. No president can alter them. They are sacrosanct, untouchable, immutable, inviolate. The determination to make the USA the permanent global hegemon in an equally permanent unipolar world cannot be countermanded.

The phrase ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ provides the key to the ultimate goal being pursued.

9/11 showed US elites they MUST have this level of control to ever feel secure again. It was imperative that not one single entity voicing negativity toward the U.S. remained.

Full Spectrum Dominance demands that ALL sources of power anywhere across the world be subject to US preeminence.

Every area of potential risk for the U.S. is required to be under its full control via deep & broad levels of surveillance & the ability to nullify all adverse entities quickly.

One of the first areas to come under the Full Spectrum Dominance umbrella was western mass media.

Its power to influence a majority of Americans & Europeans was & is enormous. It is a vital asset to smooth the path of the many regime change targets planned for. ‘Operation Mockingbird’, the CIA op to control U.S. and international media and to make it reflect U.S. state narratives is more active now than ever.

Manufacturing consent for U.S. aggression toward the rest of the world has become an industry.

The closest parallels are with public relations & propaganda. To achieve global domination with all it entails the masses have to be well-groomed to demonstrate compliance.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria were only the first few of a much longer list of nations. Iran, Lebanon, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Somalia, Yemen and others still await their full preliminary weakening and ultimate regime change fate.

All operations are ongoing simultaneously at different levels and stages. These operations are progressing consecutively in tandem as circumstances allow. The ultimate target is China however as it, far more than any other nation, presents the greatest challenge to U.S. and western elite hegemony.

The dominance planned for will be TOTAL if it is accomplished.

For the U.S. and its elites, this is a necessity that brooks no compromise. There will be no diplomacy, nothing which hinders the process. No barrier is to be countenanced, not even a worldwide pandemic. Sanctions and other means of financial terrorism are to be ongoing, even increased.

There is to be no thought given to the detriment to others by the enforcement of this policy. For these elites consider the priority of safeguarding America to be too high for any such considerations. In fact, any pain suffered by China, Russia or any of their allies is to be actively increased by any means possible.

The power junkies integral to the western way of life are losing their fix. Western patrician dominance, being centuries old and deeply ingrained within western culture, elites of the Westin can’t conceive of living without it.

The cold turkey involved would utterly destroy them along with any hope they have of achieving the full spectrum dominance they believe imperative in keeping America safe.

Therefore they are determined to destroy whoever they need to to avoid this scenario.

Thus we are living through World War III: The End Game War and in waging this war the collective west will destroy all hope of a peaceful, multipolar world. The concept of a world where sovereignty is sacrosanct and nations have the protection of a powerful United Nations is not in the interests of the western powers. They seek domination in perpetuity. This desire mitigates directly against nations having inviolate sovereignty and the power to defend themselves.

The western powers want manipulative oversight and control, the ability to monitor activity globally and to strike down at it if a threat to their interests is identified and they require nations to be weak, not strong. This is why these western powers seek to weaken Russia and are determined to undermine China’s system of governance. The end result of a western victory will be to transform our world into a virtual prison planet where they dominate and all others are destined to be forever subjugated.

This is the war that is being waged across many battlefields currently, the primary one being in Ukraine. Russia and China, in harmony MUST win out for all our sakes. If they lose we move forward to the prison planet described above with the USA and its partners in crime as our perpetual warders.

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