WHOA! Under Musk, Twitter actually suspends nasty, woke troll for out-right threatening conservatives

Pardon us while we check and see if Hell has frozen over. Ok, that’s not exactly fair considering Elon Musk is now ‘at the helm,’ but after spending YEARS AND YEARS watching the ‘old management’ do nothing about Lefties tweeting horrible crap and straight-up threatening people on the Right with no consequences, seeing this is just really surprising.

We get it, the site is under ‘new management,’ but still.

Color us shocked. Literally.

Usually, when a horrible person on the Left threatened someone on the Right, especially Libs of TikTok or Tucker Carlson, Twitter wouldn’t do anything. Heck, they probably saw that as a reason to verify certain accounts … ‘Oh, you hate the same people we do. THAT MAKES YOU NOTABLE, blue check.’

Fast forward to Musk-Twitter:

A Lefty troll actually suspended … not just locked … suspended.

Never thought it would happen, LOL.

It’s a new day on social media.

Even after the account was suspended, the account name has continued to trend off and on with people tweeting about being as surprised as we are.

This is so very very true. And it’s gotten to a point in this country where calling them out for being horrible somehow makes you a terrorist.

It’s true.

It does suck. That’s why the hate the rest of us so much as well.

Case in point.


And wow.

Ya’ know, we’ve been asking ourselves for a long, long time just who the heck these people are and every single time we decide eh, we really don’t wanna know.

Ain’t it though?

Nice and SHOCKING, which says so much about pre-Musk Twitter and ain’t none of it any good.

Yeah, there are some nasty horrible people on Twitter.

Lucky us.

And you, you guys get to read about them.


Hateful nutcase.

Sorry, a SUSPENDED scary nutcase.




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