The West gives every indication of going through a kind of self-induced societal suicide. Cohesion, unity and solidarity are becoming things of the past. This alongside concepts regarding integrity, diligence and responsibility in too many cases.

Criminality continues to creep up as the moral climate descends. An acceptance of an anarchic mentality has become quite commonplace over the past many decades.

Decadence has largely replaced diligence, excess has replaced hard work and excellence. Division, rather than the dependability of shared values has atomized many communities, seemingly for good.

The supposedly wonderful “democratic” systems of the West are heading down an extremely dark path. Nihilism and the seeking out of the most negative memes possible by the young has achieved a kind of cult status. The years of forebears working hard in a largely honest environment where ethical conduct was adhered to as a matter of self-respect have disappeared for the majority. Getting all you can by whatever means and exploiting every loophole in the law and being endlessly tempted to break it has emerged as the zeitgeist of every decade since the advent of Thatcherism.

In past times in the two primarily affected nations, the USA and UK there used to be a true choice between political parties whereby different classes of their populations could be represented. Now no more. In both nations, both parties seek only to cater to a certain middle and upper-class population of strivers for ever more willing to give ever less.

Without the solidarity of the past where decency was not a dirty word denoting the most boring of mentalities and acting well did not signify a loser, where acting badly is seen as cool and where criminal behaviour denotes an exciting character type you know a society is headed drainward. And so it is with both the UK and USA. They are both fracturing into splinter groups with next to nothing in common, each jealously guarding its own interest and viewing others as their enemies. No society can last long in peace, stability, tranquillity and national cohesiveness in such a miserable state.

Nations with far less wealth than the USA and UK have a far greater degree of internal respect for the honest endeavours of their forebears and realise with far greater awareness just why ethical conduct and decent values are vitally important. The excess incomes found in the West have not enhanced the general wellbeing of its nations, quite the reverse. The more affluent they became the more they squandered, degraded and completely lost sight of the positive individual attributes displayed by populations of earlier times.

Western elites laud their “democratic” systems where the freedom to do almost anything you like is protected like some sacred cow. License to behave however you like is encouraged and an atmosphere of entitlement and narcissism has become rampant. If this is the end result of their so-called democracy then the rest of the world not experiencing its end effects can count themselves extremely lucky.

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