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Teeth removal is painful and difficult. It can hurt so much. This can go from mild to moderate, but not severe. Thanks to the anesthesia surgery that helps remove the wisdom teeth, Onstage, from having trouble to the exclusion of dental care can be a wide range as the tooth carries a tedious scenario. During this, you should follow Healthy eating sincerely and properly. Only soft and cold foods are to be eaten as they greatly pleasure the gums and buccal orientation, as the surgery of removing wisdom teeth results in numbness. Eating the wrong things can cause much worse scenarios. So here in this blog, you will find an answer to the question “what to eat after wisdom teeth removal?”

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal – 

Here is a list of foods suitable for eating after having your wisdom teeth out.

Condensed milk ice cream – 

  • This is the number one food to eat after wisdom teeth removal. As soon as the surgery is over, the part of the removal that is the gum starts to swell. 
  • To reduce the swelling and inflammation, doctors recommend eating ice cream within the first 24 hours to reduce gum swelling.
  • Strawberry and vanilla flavored ice cream are recommended because they contain the essence for building and stabilizing root canals.


  • Oatmeal is another option to be eaten after surgery. It relaxes the gums of wisdom teeth that have been extracted.
  • It is mixed with hot milk to reduce pain, and the mouth should feel free. The saliva helps in numbing the pain. Eating oatmeal helps to secrete salivary juice in the oral cavity.

 Scrambled eggs— 

  • It is beneficial to eat eggs for protein. But it has an adverse effect as a food to eat after wisdom teeth removal.
  • Scrambled eggs are soft and moist and can be directly dissolved into our body’s gut.
  • It helps to relax the nerve lining of the gums by giving a lukewarm feeling.

 Mashed potatoes – 

  • Intake of mashed potatoes helps relieve pain by applying vapors from food to the oral cavity.
  • If there’s any underlying infection, too, it can be resolved by eating mashed potatoes.
  • Always eat the potatoes with a pinch of salt so that it can remove the pain due to the antiseptic property of salt.

 Carrots, steamed – 

  • As it is soft, the boiled carrot is eaten after the removal of wisdom teeth. Carrot protein aids in the maintenance of the lower and upper jaws by providing strength to the teeth and gums.
  • Taking carrots also prevents tooth decay and plaque as it fights harmful bacteria.
  • Dentists suggest eating carrots as a food to eat after wisdom teeth removal because they act like natural toothbrushes and provide help in dental care as well.

 Milkshakes and smoothies— 

  • After removing any teeth or wisdom teeth, people should drink milkshakes and smoothies to prevent any sensitive itching function after surgery.
  • In these drinks, there is a large amount of sugar that helps in numbness of the gums by providing relaxation to the inner neuronal cells.
  • It acts like ice cream because it is served cold. Coldness is also useful for relieving pain.

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 Gelatine products – 

  • Jelly or gelatine products have amino acids and collagen that help build a strong muscular oral cavity. Doctors suggest eating jelly products within 24 hours to soothe the muscles of the gums.
  • It also helps in providing a fresh feeling and coldness.

Applesauce –

  • It makes a portion of great food to eat after wisdom teeth removal. As it is, it is in a pureed texture, which makes it so soft that it is swallowed easily.
  • Applesauce is a kind of product eaten by many dental patients. It has vitamin C and dietary fibers, which make the jawline stable and healthy.
  • Moreover, it prevents tooth decay.

 Rice, steamed – 

  • Soft and steamed rice is usually the first meal to be eaten, mainly by children. Continuously consuming milkshakes, ice creams, and smoothies can cause other related problems.
  • Rice helps soak up the extra saliva secreted through the oral cavity. It helps in the relaxation of muscles in the gums.
  • Indian snacks such as idli and dosa are much more preferred after tooth surgery.

 Cottage cheese – 

  • It is a milk product that contains a high amount of calcium and vitamin c, which helps in building the health of bones and enamel that is present on the surface of the teeth.
  • Eating cottage cheese can be beneficial for those people who are suffering from vitamin deficiency and low enamel production.
  • So, you can eat cottage cheese after wisdom teeth removal.

 Soups and broths— 

  • Eating soft veggies and drinking hot soups can be massively effective as they provide a normal temperature feeling of heat.
  • Consuming extracted broth from drumsticks is said to be most effective since it contains a lot of nutritional qualities that help in resuming normal gums.
  • You can drink carrot, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach soups, and broth juice to resolve Enamel deterioration.

Avocados –

  • These are excellent resources for strengthening the muscular fibers of the gums.
  • They provide extra soothing if mixed with cinnamon. Tooth decay and gum pain after tooth removal can be decreased when consuming avocado.
  • They are rich in antioxidants, so they can help remove bacterial growth from the oral cavity if any medicine has provided such microbial growth.

 Seedless fruits – 

  • Oranges, mangoes, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, avocados, dragon fruit, kiwi, guava, pears, and many more are seedless fruits.
  • These are especially eaten after any surgery related to the oral cavity.
  • There is nothing significant about eating seedless fruits. They have a uniform pulp, so they can be eaten and are some of the fruits and foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

 Pancakes –

  • They are delicious as well as healthy and soft.
  • To be eaten after wisdom teeth removal, better with applesauce to maintain the oral cavity and the gums

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Things to be avoided after removal of wisdom teeth 

  • Never disturb the cloth and cotton which is placed in the mouth. It is covered from all sides, and touching or fidgeting it continuously can damage the setup.
  • Avoid drinking fluids with a straw as it can hurt the wisdom extracted tooth gum, and pain can occur.
  • Never eat hard foods and meat sources food after the removal of wisdom teeth. It can cause serious trouble in the gums, and bleeding is possible.
  • Do not keep the mouth closed continuously, as extra secreted saliva is drained from the oral cavity.
  • Inhale the air as much as possible from the nose. Because air moving inside the mouth can cause the enzymes to be released and disturbs the buccal cavity and gums of extracted wisdom teeth.

Final thoughts – 

  • Following tooth extraction, you should only eat excellent, soft foods.
  • Following wisdom tooth removal, it is required to only eat soft-textured foods. 
  • You should avoid hard substance supplements because they can be problematic and necessitate major surgery. 
  • You should not consume beans and seed fruits to keep the gums stable.
  • For the mouth to stay hydrated and to produce saliva, drink plenty of water.
  • Hard food is nothing, while soft, warm food is more.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and got an insight into what to eat after wisdom teeth removal

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