Biden has committed the USA to assisting Israel if it attacks Iran over the issue of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Just as the western world hits an increasingly sharp downward curve in its fortunes due to pushing Russia into an intolerable corner resulting in what is in effect a third world war, albeit on as yet restricted terms, Biden appears to wish to push the envelope further.

In addition to all this it appears inevitable that sooner or later China will be dragged into this destructive cycle of events. The issue to do this will of course be Taiwan.

It needs only a further descent in relations between the USA and North Korea to set the stage for a conflagration that shakes our world to its core.

All this reflects the remaining power of neoconservative thought in the USA, the UK and across much of Europe. This is exemplified by the notion that almost anything, including multiple conflicts amounting to a third world war, are better than the status quo. And what is that status quo that is anathema to these neocons?

The status quo they are determined to destroy by any means available to them is the long decline of western power that in recent years has reached a critical level, below which it will not be retrievable. The level of power and ability of western political elites to control events has been indomitable in recent history. Successive western governments have been able to largely control geopolitical trends through a mix of threats, bribes and violence. They have had supreme ability to manipulate other nations and so pressure them to do their will.

The status quo described in summary above has come under threat from several sources, primarily the rise of China but also the unwillingness of Russia to get into line and follow orders from Washington as all nations have been expected in the past, to do.

These two factors requiring the restoration of western power rose ever more to the fore post 9/11 when the requirement by U.S. political elites and those allied with them to retain utmost dominance, became most insistent.

The reason for why western political elites now seem recklessly set on the course now seen is contained in the paragraph above.

With western powers in economic decline to varying degrees; laden with debt and high costs, and all in conjunction and comparison with the rising powers of the east, it is clear that this particular status quo, as detrimental as it is for their future prospects, became intolerable for them. This was the case even before 9/11 spurred them to the efforts we see now.

This war against all rival power sources, both individual and national, is by its nature totally open-ended, this because the goals set for itself by the western powers are seen as utterly existential, incapable of question and absolutely essential for them regarding any acceptable vision of the future.

For them it is a case of all… or nothing.

All in short represents: A complete restoration of western global domination with the political elites of the USA as undoubted leaders on all questions and at all times, with full spectrum dominance assured via universal satellite and terrestrial surveillance, along with the U.S. and allied military (NATO) having an in-depth and permanent, controlling oversight.

The route to the goal stated above is not hard to visualise, nor are its consequences.

No diplomacy need apply as it involves compromises which leave the target entities standing. The route is one incorporating a political and military wrecking-ball policy, one where might is exerted rather than anything approaching right.

Organisations of all kinds established to ensure peace require to be overridden or utilised to the ends described above. No compromise is to be sought, only pressure ever increased, threats made ever more potent and brinkmanship taken to the very edge of global destruction.

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