The walls are closing in on the inhuman, elitist empire of the West.

Inexorably, the dominance the West has used and abused for decade after decade for well over two centuries is wasting away before our eyes.

The panic its elites are displaying provide the recognizable symptoms of the disease that will ultimately paralyse and quarantine it.

Universal karma may or may not exist as a force reflecting an out of sight cosmic matrix of justice but what is now happening can be seen that way. The West is fraying at the edges, its elites are caught in an ever-decreasing orbit of possibilities, their tools are becoming blunt and many of them will rapidly be useless and ineffective.

To a significant degree, the West is about to be hung on its own petard. China’s embrace of capitalism has done for them. Only through economic dominance can you have the muscle to strongarm others and the military might to destroy them if they don’t obey you.

The power of the West will shrink daily from now on no matter how many billions of dollars successive U.S. presidents throw at their military-industrial complex. Economics is going to defeat it, and another range of novel high-tech killing machines is not going to save it.

China has been the first out of the economic starting gate post-Covid. While the West reels from successive waves of infection, viral, social and economic China will be powering on, unstoppable and ever more popular at home and abroad.

Through its Belt and Road Initiative, backed by trillions in investment potential, China will make friends all the way across Asia and the Middle East all the way to the British Channel. This huge movement forward in the economic potential of the Eurasian nations will leave those of the western orbit with only malicious ripostes and no meaningful fundamental responses whatsoever.

The West will continue its malicious covert war against China and Russia, with its compromised mass news media as conduit for its toxic fabrications. But almost on a daily basis now we will see this vile flotilla of tired propaganda sink beneath waves of both internal and external contempt.

Western elites are drowning in a cesspool of their own making. It needn’t have been this way but for their eternal clinging to the notion that what was theirs must be hung onto and what is yours must belong to them too.

The disease within the western species of capitalism is a suicidal poison. And all their plans, all their goals of creating a prison planet here and every system of iniquity they have planned are now about to die before our very eyes.

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