Well that’s frappe, Starbucks announces store closures in big blue cities, citing grande concerns over employee safety

What do you get when you cross leftist policies that fail to address criminal behavior with big business? Starbucks announced that they will be closing six stores in Seattle, LA, Portland, Philadelphia, and Washington DC due to safety concerns.

No really, is there a common theme?t

The increasingly popular phrase “go woke, go broke” does seem fitting when Starbucks has positioned itself as a key signaler of virtue. In May of 2018 Starbucks updated their bathroom policy to be inclusive of non-paying customers after a Philadelphia incident where two black men were arrested after asking to using the bathroom without making a purchase and refusing to leave the store.

Advertising themselves as a public restroom does seem to have backfired.

At least some employees are convinced that the closures have more to do with union activities than employee safety.

Just two of the Starbucks shops announced for closures are union locations and the company has denied suggestions that closures are related to union activity. That isn’t going to stop the tin foil hat theories though.

Of course everything that happens is basically rooted in some version of alleged racism. Which brings us back to the beginning of the story and the decision to open public restrooms due to an issue that was deemed racist, and the subsequent studies that foreshadowed issues for the socially woke coffee giant.

Is Starbucks bound to be a casualty of the go woke, go broke phenomenon? Will they refuse to allow every employee to unionize? Only time will tell, grab less politically charged coffee of your choosing and settle in, this could be interesting.

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