We Can’t Return; We Can Only Look Behind, from Where We Came

A magical thing has happened: Joni Mitchell did a concert at the current Newport Folk Festival.

These are the songs of my own youth. And to my ear, Mitchell’s voice is still strong. In fact, I prefer her deeper register. Jazz-style singing, with its low volume and low impact, is one genre that can hold up through old age. Compare Willie Nelson, who also still sounds great.

“Both Sides Now” really sounds more apt at her age than when it was written. Almost brings tears.

Scratch “almost.”

I almost wish her partner, who does a great imitation of the early Mitchell, would be silent so we could better hear the richness of Joni’s current voice.

This next song was my slender lifeline to get through one awful summer job in a plastics injection factory

The wind is in from Africa

Last night, I couldn’t sleep…

I wonder if people who did not live in Toronto during a certain period know what a “big yellow taxi” actually is.

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