War threat in Ukraine

Russia will probably annex Ukraine as the ancient Russian motherland is Kiev and guess who fancies himself as a Tsar

i suspect not , Ukraine is a useful drain on NATO resources , and since Ukraine has waning gas supplies of it’s own , add in the aging infrastructure ( especially in the gas pipeline from Russia to Europe an important part of the Ukraine income )

Russia hasn’t rushed to re-incorporate Belarus ( where Belarus might be more likely to embrace than resist )

check your maps Russia is a HUGE landmass and still under-explored ( mineral-wise ) remember Russia also sold Alaska to the US many decades ago , and considering the Eastern Ukraine rebel areas are the main manufacturing areas ( including for tank chassis ) i am mildly surprised the rebel areas haven’t just moved the Russian border west a bit by themselves

ALSO Russia has a court case in England over the loan default by Ukraine that it has made no attempt to repay , issued in 2013 when it was still a Russian ally , one might wonder how the Ukraine is funding that court case

i would be surprised if Putin desires to control another failed state ( the weather in Iraq is so much better an Iraq has gas , oil in abundance , i would be liking Iraq right next door to friendly Iran over the Ukraine )

AND Russia and China could easily come to some sharing agreement with under-explored Afghanistan , strengthened that relationship

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