Vonmählen High Six reviewed

We look at this crowdfunded product which aims to solve some potential regular user problems. You can see more about the High Six made by Vonmählen here.

Vonmählen High Six reviewed

This was a tricky one to review, or rather the creators have sought to pre-empt some potential concerns and limitations of the product. This is fine, but it would then be useful to review a version of the product which has actually included these improvements and iterations. Therefore we have to agree with the limitations listed below, especially the shortness of the cable, and also it’s slightly tightly pressed together design.  This could be an interesting product, but we will have to reserve judgement until we can see one that does what they say it will do, rather than what they hope it can do.

Here are their notes in terms of what they suggest will be different to the sample that we received. We will keep an open mind until we can see and trial the improved version.  It has reached and surpassed its crowd funding goal, by x4, so you would imagine this will be something that they can do quite quickly. Below are their comments ->

Please keep in mind the following adjustments that will be made when reviewing the product:  

The cable sits too tightly in the stainless-steel casing, cause it to scratch the cable when removing it from the casing. This will be loosened

There are still small gaps when the adapters are connected to the cable, and the USB A adapter. The gap will be significantly reduced.

The stainless-steel casing is shinier than we want it to be. The final color will be slightly more matte, which will also alter the appearance of final color of the product.

The Rose Gold cable needs to be adjusted so that the color of the cable and the adapters are consistent.

The aesthetics of the magnet will be improved: The magnet will be less shiny, and there will be no visible glue.

The lightning adapter speed and data transmission is not functioning as expected. This will be improved to our expected specifications before we go into mass production

The USB-A port size will be adjusted as it sits too tightly in the ports, causing scratches after normal use. The size of the USB-A adapter will be adjusted.

More about the product ->

German based lifestyle tech accessory designer Vonmählen, known for its wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, High Five, the 5in1 charging cable for the key ring, is celebrating smashing its crowdfunding goal for its successor, the High Six, with over €45,000 raised in just over a week. The most compact six-in-one charging cable for the key chain with an integrated bottle opener, the High Six is available in black, all black, silver, and rose gold now on Kickstarter until November 25 th 2021 with pricing starting at €21 (approx $24.50/£18). Shipping will take place in January 2022.

High Six is the second generation of High Five, solving problems found in High Five after long-term use, including losing the USB-A adapter cap and modernizing to a USB-C to USB-C cable from a micro- USB to USB-C, and is equipped with power delivery up to 60 watts and data transfer.

High Six consists of a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB- A adapter, and 2in1 micro USB/ lightning adapter, which all fit comfortably into its sleek stainless steel casing with an integrated bottle opener so users can always ensure they are charged and never thirsty! Additionally, the cable on the High Six has two strong magnets that tightly holds it together whilst functioning as a place to put the adapters when using the other connectors.

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