Video: This Week In Jihad with David Wood and Robert Spencer

In this discussion between David Wood and Robert Spencer about the many crimes and Islamic terrorism and other types of affronts and blatant human rights violations committed by Muslims because of their religion as well as the reluctance of public officials and other people to speak out about the obvious connection horrendous behavior of Muslims who has been inspired by Islam to many difference and terrible things.

The forth from the last hideous crime that they talked about was the Muslim father who viciously murdered both of his daughter and at the trial of that murderer the court and the media they possibly could to obscure the clear connection between that malicious Muslim father who his two young helpless daughters and Islam .

The US courts need to be realistic and the press need to be objective and professional , and not politically correct regarding Islam , and report the entire truth, regardless if the truth becoming known to the public might upset some people.

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