VeChain partners with UFC to aid global blockchain adoption –

Blockchain solution service provider, VeChain, recently partnered with the UFC in a bid to advance the adoption of blockchain. This development was confirmed in a blog post relayed by UFC on Thursday. As revealed, the partnership will see VeChain harnessing the UFC global community.

VeChain intends to benefit from the increasing number of entrepreneurs enveloped in the UFC community. This, as revealed, will pave the way to accelerate the total adoption of blockchain. It hopes the entrepreneurs within the community will subscribe to blockchain in a bid to enhance their respective businesses.

Sunny Lu, the co-founder of VeChain, expressed the delight of his team to partner with UFC. According to Lu, the communities of both ventures are dominated by youthful members. The presence of these youths tends to help play a huge role in the sustainable advancement of Vechain as a brand and the adoption of blockchain, he added.

Also, Lu extolled the distinctive virtues enveloped in VeChain. He boasted that the blockchain solution provider functions as an influential, efficient, and unique smart contract outfit. The co-founder asserted that the venture exists to proffer lasting solutions to issues belaboring the worldwide adoption of blockchain.

Furthermore, Lu narrated how VeChain, with its solution offerings, has continued to aid numerous sectors, including DeFi, carbon management, and a host of others. Similarly, Lu believed other sectors, like automobiles and private and government spheres, could utilize Vechain’s blockchain solutions.

According to Lu, VeChain is working assiduously towards advancing blockchain-oriented businesses. The co-founder announced the decision of the firm to establish a new headquarters in San Marino. He also revealed the move to open a business hub in Milan and a new technological outlet in Ireland. This development, according to Lu, reaffirms VeChain’s commitment to enhancing the European market.

Additionally, the co-founder said the firm is working on new solutions, which means that VeChain is hiring more developers. However, he maintained his stance that the firm has what it takes to serve the European market through its blockchain solutions services effectively.

Recall that the UFC manifested as an American Mixed Martial Arts Promotion Firm.  The venture is reportedly administrated by Zuffa LLC, a subsidiary of Endeavor Group Holdings. More so, the UFC emerged through the initiative of a famous business guru, Art Davie, and renowned martial artist Rorion Gracie. The company has evolved, incorporating other areas, including weight categories, styles, techniques, and many more.


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