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The grant amount is one of the largest in 2021, which can be appreciated as recognition by the Finnish government and, especially, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of the right direction for development for Nornickel Harjavalta.

Business Finland has granted €15 million in funding for Nornickel Harjavalta’s expansion investment, which will support the growing demand for responsibly produced battery materials in Europe for electric vehicles with a low carbon footprint.

With the investment, Nornickel Harjavalta’s production capacity will be increased from 65,000 tons to over 100,000 tons nickel content in metal and chemical products.

When implemented, the expansion investment will significantly strengthen the European battery ecosystem and improve the environmental performance of the production site. The financing promotes the construction of a sustainable battery industry in Finland enabling the growth of business and industrial jobs.

“We are really grateful for this funding and the trust in our operations. This funding shows our importance in the Finnish battery ecosystem. We are a reliable and responsible operator, and this funding supports our goals for responsible growth as the demand for battery materials grows,” said Joni Hautojärvi, the managing director of Nornickel Harjavalta.

The carbon footprint of nickel and cobalt products produced in Harjavalta has decreased significantly in recent years. Fossil energy and oil products used in production have been replaced by bioenergy and liquefied natural gas. The carbon footprint of the products is already one of the lowest in the industry. The increase in production capacity will further improve the efficiency of the refinery and reduce the carbon footprint of Nornickel’s products.

The expansion investment will be implemented in two stages. At the first one, production will increase from 65,000 tons to 75,000 tons in 2023. During the second stage, production will increase to more than 100,000 tons by the beginning of 2026.

The Finnish National Battery Strategy was published in January 2021. The strategy identifies a number of Finland’s strengths that support the success of the battery industry and electrification.

Business Finland is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion. Business Finland’s 750 experts work in 44 offices globally and in 16 regional offices around Finland. Business Finland is part of the Team Finland network.  

Europe is becoming increasingly electrified as part of the low carbon target. As a result, the emergence of a European battery value chain is essential. Finland has many strengths for succeeding in this development.

The vision of Finland’s battery strategy is that by 2025, the country’s battery cluster will be a pioneer, producing skills, innovations, sustainable economic growth, wellbeing and jobs in Finland. At the same time, Finland is strongly involved in the aforementioned international development.

The cornerstones of the battery strategy are the availability and processing of raw materials, vigorous production and research activities for the development of battery materials and recycling, and expertise in electrification and digitalization. Finland also wants to promote the circular economy of batteries.

The country’s strong role as part of Europe’s battery ecosystem has been recognized. Finland has impressive expertise throughout the battery value chain, including in the mining industry, onward processing of battery raw materials, technologies and services related to the manufacture and use of batteries, as well as charging technologies and recycling.  

Finland is one of the few European countries where the ground contains all the key minerals needed to make lithium-ion batteries: cobalt, nickel, lithium and graphite.

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