It was September 12th 2001. Late in the evening in the safest room in the safest location in Washington DC.

The meeting had gone on for what had seemed like endless hours.

The conclusion to all deliberations came down to one simple task:

All resistance to American power was to be removed.

The push would be only forward. There would be no reversing that forward motion until the task was complete. No compromise. No deals. No retreat from the furtherance of the task would be contemplated. When resistance was met the only response was to be a doubling down of efforts and means to crush that resistance.

Everyone in that room was resolved that the task would be completed no matter what was required, no matter what consequences came with that decision, no matter how devastating to others in collateral damage terms. The drive forward would be unstoppable, unquestioned and uncompromising, using all means necessary.

The world would never be the same again.

We have seen the effect of this decision every passing hour since that day in that room. A juggernaut was set in motion for which there is no reverse gear, all controls on automatic, fixed to drive only ever-faster forward.

But now we also see how that juggernaut has met a level of resistance that could not possibly have been contemplated on September 12th 2001. Sand is gathering round the wheels as they spin faster in an attempt to continue forward, the engine whining in determined and preprogrammed response to any and all resistance. Ahead, not too far distant, the sand deepens. The faster the engine races the greater the risk of complete system failure and an explosion that could destroy it and bring it to a grinding halt.

Until the moment of self-destruction the forces set in play on September 12th 2001 cannot be amended or modified in any way. The task could not be and would not be abandoned. Not in the slightest. The fate of the USA could not be bargained away in some diplomatic “solution” that left it vulnerable to its “enemies”. They must ALL be destroyed and replaced. Every last one of them.

Ukraine is the quicksand that awaited the juggernaut described above. Ukraine is the place where resistance to the push forward reached its peak. Russia, backed by others determined to at least to restrain, if not totally destroy, the juggernaut, would deliver the means necessary.

In these days and weeks we will now see and hear the signs of mounting inefficiency within a machine designed to crush all resistance. The signs of a growing problem within its gears are rising and the deterioration of various vital component parts threaten to undermine its stability and power.

Europe will be first to feel the full effect as the cost of maintaining the Ukrainian regime and resisting Russia escalates. The USA and UK are clearly fully committed to driving ever forward despite the unavoidable and rising levels of damage ahead. The signs of potential engine failure are clear yet the accelerator is set only to deliver a doubling down of speed.

At what point the juggernaut will grind to a halt and after what level of destruction to itself and those who helped fuel it is unknown. All that is known is that the thing was constructed without either reverse gear or ability to slow or apply brakes. It will run ever faster until major systems within it collapse and no earlier.

The signs are that this point is not too distant now. What began as a project to drive over every obstacle and crush all who stood in its way is showing every sign of driving itself to total destruction. There is no possible turning just as there was no possible delay contemplated. It was to move inexorably forward until its task was done. No attention was to be given to any factors that could slow progress to completing the task in the shortest time possible. All were to be overridden.

To do or die trying was and remains all.

All… or nothing.

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