There is a saying, “You can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.” But the case of Ukraine is the exception that proves the rule. This along with the advice of an actual Nazi (not one of the wannabe Nazis found currently in Ukraine), “If you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one.”

This is not a story about gullibility in any form except remotely and peripherally, regarding what could be described as over-willing data-acceptance by the heavily conditioned.

Cutting to the chase, this is about one side in the Ukrainian war being able to say whatever it likes: fact, fiction or fantasy to the news-bringers of the West and they run with it transmitting it verbatim, totally unchecked and unverified, to the reader, viewer and listener.

Essentially just about everything the present or earlier Ukrainian regimes have said must be taken with a barrow load of salt. This includes the constant refrain concerning various “successes” of the Ukrainian military (while it loses around 1,000 troops per day on the front line due to death or injury and is constantly losing territory to Russia).

Going back some years, to the president before Zelensky, Petro Poroshenko, the first president after the US-assisted insurrection brought down the last democratically-elected president, the porky pies came thick and fast. Usually they featured the numbers of Russian troops who were supposed to have invaded Ukraine. This total started around 1,000 but rapidly over the months (as more funds were required from the West) rose from that figure to 5,000, 10,000 eventually rising to some 50,000. In fact there was no hard evidence to prove that any presently-serving Russian troops were in Ukraine at all. This however, as with anything Ukrainian officials say, was duly transmitted as holy writ to a waiting western public.

In a previous commentary I attempted to provide a litany of such fables regarded as fact by western mainstream news providers and then used to produce fake news for public consumption. I will not repeat myself here but rather look at the history of this process in the period just before it began to be used in Ukraine in 2014.

The most clear evidence of this process being used in recent times is in Syria where it was honed to near perfection as an almost airtight propaganda production mechanism.

The steps used there were as follows:

1. Set up what appears to be a wholly innocent institution with an idealistic cause. (In the case of Syria this was the entity known as ‘The White Helmets’. In Ukraine the equivalent is constituted by successive Ukrainian regimes, post 2014.)

2. Create a network of activists who use the material generated by the front line propaganda team and establish all necessary contacts with mainstream news entities for the delivery of believable and semi-believable lies. (In Syria there were many who took advantage of the same money stream afforded The White Helmets, primarily from the UK Foreign Office and US State Department. In Ukraine the activists are all those feeding from those same two sources.)

3. Through this fast-flow conduit “facts” can be delivered in a constant stream to the serried ranks of western mainstream news outlets some of whom require a 24/7 service to bring content to their viewers, listeners and readers.

Two other services have a part to play in all this, they being the National Endowment for Democracy who are the main front providing funding ostensibly to ‘promote democracy’ but in fact they are in truth a facade behind which stands the CIA. The CIA also plays an active part of course, creating fake news or ‘encouraging’ it in newsrooms tempted toward actuality rather than fabrication. The NED and the CIA are in fact one single entity with a totally fictitious dividing line between them.

Psychological Operations (PsyOps) are what we see all across the western world and this situation has been a constant over at least the last three decades. Television, radio, newsprint and the internet are used as instruments of mass deception in what is considered by western elites to be their duty to manipulate public perceptions in dangerous times (for the western elites).

The elites of the western world are power junkies losing their fix. Why wouldn’t they use the power of media to manipulate the masses? It is a no-brainer in more ways than one do you see?

The western world is one big fantasy factory now and within that fantasy factory there exists a humongous bowl of propaganda soup which half-blind humans constantly swim within. Little by little they imbibe unreality until it becomes second nature. Then, from above and from every side they are fed fabulous stories, wondrous fairytales and believable lies.

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