Truss has managed to avoid a set piece interview throughout whole campaign –

That really is a disgrace

The Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss is very fond of describing things as a disgrace and one of her most watched YouTube videos is of her using that term to describe UK cheese sales.

The latest news from her campaign is that she has pulled out of an interview with the BBC’s Nick Robinson. Apparently she has no time which seems a pretty feeble excuse.

From a campaign perspective this is probably the right decision for her because clearly she understands her own limitations and was worried about detailed scrutiny.

But it hardly inspires confidence about the woman who looks certain to be the UK’s prime minister next week. Her heroine Mrs Thatcher had a term for this – “Frit”.

It also sets a precedent for the general election that she might come to regret if the Tories are still trailing in the polls.

Mike Smithson

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