Trevor Noah Shatters Trump’s ‘Insane’ Excuses For Stealing Classified

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah took apart each of Trump’s four new excuses for his theft of classified documents.


Noah said of Trump’s excuse that he was taking work home, “You know what, that is true everyone does take work home sometimes. but not Donald Trump. the man barely took work to work. and also, by the way, it’s not taking work home with you if you no longer have the job. Can we agree on that? all right. You don’t have the job. You can’t take work home with you. Like if you get fired from your babysitting job, but you still go pick up the kid from school, that’s a kidnapping.”

The Daily Show took apart Trump’s blaming of Obama, and then talked about Trump declassifying docs with his mind, “Oh, that’s an interesting excuse. anything Trump took home with him was automatically declassified because he had a standing order so super convenient that no one has ever heard about this rule until he got busted for having top secret documents at his house but whatever.”

Trump’s final excuse was that he stole the documents because he packed in a hurry. Noah said,  “Oh, this is the greatest excuse of all time. Trump’s people are saying because he didn’t think he was leaving the White House, he packed in a hurry when he left, yeah, he was so busy planning the coup he didn’t think about plans, is that what happened? Guys, I wasn’t trying to steal these, I was trying to steal the election. why would I pack when I thought I would have another ten or 20 years in the White House.”

Donald Trump’s excuses are getting more numerous and desperate because he is trying to find something that people will believe and will stick and give him deniability.

Trump is trying to figure out anything that will change the public perception that he is a criminal who stole classified information.

As more information is revealed, the excuses are getting more desperate, and Noah was right. The excuses are getting “insane.”

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