Trailer Watch: “Karen Dalton: In My Own Time” Honors the Unconventional Blues and Folk Singer

Named after her second album, “Karen Dalton: In My Own Time” pays tribute to the late blues and folk singer. A new trailer for the documentary sees friends, family, bandmates, exes, and famous fans revisiting her unique approach to music and life.

“I think what makes Karen such a standout artist is that she’s not singing for you — she’s singing it for herself,” explains Vanessa Carlton. We’re told that she married very young and rejected “being a housewife” — she left for New York City and pursued music instead. Success followed, but Dalton didn’t care for the limelight. “She wasn’t a showbiz kind of gal — the joy of it escaped her,” it’s emphasized.

Dalton died in 1993. “Since most images of Karen have been lost or destroyed, the film uses Karen’s dulcet melodies, interviews with loved ones, and newly unearthed archival materials to build a rich portrait of this singular woman and her hauntingly beautiful voice,” the doc’s synopsis details.

“Karen Dalton: In My Own Time” hits theaters October 1 and digital November 16.

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