Top 11 best hairstyles for men in India (2021) – According to face shape, hair texture and length of hair

Ever been to a salon and regretted not getting the desired hairstyle after coming back home?

Why is my new hairstyle not suiting with the face but suiting with a celeb’s face that’s quite similar to me?

Why is the hairstyle I am trying to do is not suiting me?

Which hairstyle would suit my face perfectly?

If these are your questions then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be looking at the best hairstyles for men in India and also will be determining which one will suit you according to your face shape, the texture of hair and hair length. So, let’s begin. 

A hairstyle won’t ever suit you if it’s not done according to your face shape. Along with the shape of the face, the texture of the hair, the length of the hair and the quality of products used on your hair also play a major role in achieving the look you wish for. Remember, a barber will cut your hair according to your instructions but if your instructions are wrong your hairstyle will be an absolute blunder. 

What are the factors to achieve a hairstyle that suits you?

There are mainly three factors that decide whether a hairstyle will suit you or not. 

  1. The shape of your face plays a major role in choosing your hairstyle. A person with a diamond face shape can never look good in a long-back brushed hairstyle. The same is with other face shapes and hairstyles. You need to know the shape of your face before choosing the right hairstyle.
  2. The texture of your hair is another important factor for judging which hairstyle should you go for. A messy hairstyle can never be naturally achieved by a person with straight hair. It is as simple as that. 
  3. The length of your hair also plays a major role in determining which style you should go for. This is quite obvious as a long hairstyle can never be achieved in a person who just got a short haircut.

Best hairstyles according to face shape

There are basically 6 types of face shapes that are found in men. I will be guiding you through the various hairstyles that suit various types of face shapes. You need to understand your face shape and then implement the hairstyle. 

1. The oval face shape

This is the most common and versatile face shape. If your face shape is oval you should never allow hair to drop down on your forehead. Undercut your sides and try volumizing your upper hair. 

Best hairstyles for oval shape face

  • Fade cut pomp style 
  • Classic-cut brushed back
  • Fade cut quiff style

2. The square face shape

the square face shape

The prominent forehead, angular chin and strong jawline are the characteristics of this face shape. The jawline appears very clean and suits both long and short-length hairstyles. Very short-length hairstyles suit this face type. 

Best hairstyles for square face shape

  • The buzz cut
  • High fade cut quiff style
  • Textured side part

3. The rectangle face shape

The rectangle face shape

People with rectangle face shapes have a very common problem. You should never trim down your sides if you have a rectangle face structure. The rectangle face shape already looks longer and trimming down the sides will further make your face narrower. Always try to keep the volume in the sides and style your hair. 

Best hairstyles for rectangle face shape

  • Side part pushed up and back
  • Crew cut side face style
  • Side part style very close to head

4. The round face shape

The round face shape

The round face shape generally does not look good in men compared to that of women. In order to change the facial look, you need to adapt to a hairstyle that makes your face look longer. Additionally, you can also grow a chin-side beard. Try cutting down the sides of your hair and volumizing the upper part of your hair. 

Best hairstyles for round face shape

  • Fade cut pomp style
  • Fade cut style up
  • Fade cut side style

5. The diamond face shape

The diamond face shape

If your face shape is diamond you can consider yourself very lucky as it suits various types of hairstyles. Be it textured fringes or spiked every hairstyle looks good in diamond face shape. But there’s one thing you should keep in mind if you are going for a haircut “Never trim your hair sides too much”. Your ears will seem bigger if you do so. 

Best hairstyles for diamond face shape

  • Textured crop
  • High fade sweeping fringe
  • Faux hawk

6. The triangular face shape

The triangular face shape

This is a very rare face shape found in Indian men. If you have a triangular face shape you should always keep a stumbled beard (a long beard won’t suit this face shape ). You can also go for the clean shave look. 

Best hairstyles for triangular face shape

  • Swept across look
  • Textured quiff 
  • Mid fade with fringe

Top 11 best hairstyles for men in India

I hope you have already chosen the best hairstyle according to your face shape from the above overview. Now it’s time to check the best hairstyles for men in India. You can tweak the hairstyles or can entirely copy the hairstyle. The face shape, the length of the hair and the texture of the hair will be mentioned along with the styles. 

1. Modern crew cut hairstyle

Modern crew cut hairstyle

This is a very easy-to-carry hairstyle and can be easily maintained. This is a stylish grown-out alternative to our simple buzz-cut hairstyle where the sides are tighter and cleaner. This is great for people going to school or college as it is a formal haircut. 

2. Longer messy curl hairstyle

Longer messy curl hairstyle

If your hair texture is a little wavy you can definitely go for the messy curl hairstyle. You can easily rock in this hairstyle by growing your hair. The top should be messy or wavy hair and the sides should be low faded. You can even keep your hair straight by dropping them on your forehead in this particular hairstyle. You can even set it side-wise for a clearer look. 

3. Curtains hairstyle

Curtains hairstyle

This is a sort of trendy hairstyle especially this year. This hairstyle is inspired by the 90’s bands and actors. The hair length should be medium and thicker to achieve this hairstyle. This is a unique type of hairstyle. 

4. Side part with fade

Side part with fade

This is the soberest and safest hairstyle which provides you with a formal and highly professional look. This is the hairstyle that our teachers and professors want us to do. Slight styling of this hairstyle can lead to great results and will make you look much confident. This is a type of step cut where the sides are trimmed and the upper part remains medium in size to provide the formal look. 

5. Curly undercut

Curly undercut

This is a relaxed carefree undercut hairstyle where both sides are kept shorter. The top hair is left naturally and free-flowing so that it provides an effortless and carefree look. This is a quick hairstyle and requires less maintenance. 

6. French crop hairstyle

French crop hairstyle

This hairstyle has made a huge comeback this year. The hair at the top is of shorter length and is highly textured. The sides are comparatively shorter than the upper part but shouldn’t be trimmed like that of the undercut hairstyle. It’s entirely up to you if you want to make your sides faded or keep it the same size as that of the upper hair. 

7. Natural wave with ponytail

Natural wave with ponytail

This is basically a hairstyle made only for people who have straight and long hair. It’s entirely up to you if you want to tie your hair to achieve the ponytail or keep it as it is. This hairstyle provides you with a sexy appearance. 

8. Modern pompadour

Modern pompadour

The most classic and my favorite hairstyle is the modern pompadour hairstyle. The top portion of hair is longer compared to that of the sides. You need to achieve a high volume in the hair to get this hairstyle. You can use the best hair waxes available in the market to achieve volume. The top hair should be brushed in the upward direction. This is a very high-maintenance hairstyle and takes time to achieve the perfect look. 

9. Modern quiff

Modern quiff

The modern quiff is the low-maintenance version of the modern pompadour hairstyle. It takes less time and you don’t need to set your hair on a regular basis. This hairstyle also needs texture where the top hair is of middle length and messy. The sides are trimmed to achieve this hairstyle. 

10. The perfect slick back hairstyle

The perfect slick back hairstyle

This is another classy hairstyle where the hair is combed straight back. Your hair length should be long or medium. It’s very hard for people with wavy or curly hair to achieve this look. Also, this hairstyle is only for men who can grow a beard. A perfect beard with this hairstyle will provide you with a classy appearance. Hair wax or gel should be applied to keep the hair in position. 

11. The classic crew cut hairstyle

the classic crew cut hairstyle

As they say it “Keep it short and simple” this hairstyle actually defines this statement. In India, this hairstyle is favored because of the hot summers. The best part of this hairstyle is that it is simple and you don’t need to visit the barber very often. Facial hair is necessary for you to rock in this hairstyle. 

Things to keep in mind for achieving the perfect haircut

  1. The price of the salon does not matter. The hairstyle depends on how accurate your instructions are.
  2. Do not keep changing your barber very often. Your barber knows the quality and texture of your hair and knows which style would suit you. 
  3. Always go for a haircut that goes on well with your face shape, your hair texture and the perfect hair length you should go for. 
  4. Do not be shy to show photos of the hairstyle you are trying to achieve to your barber. 


Getting the best hairstyles for men in India is tough, but once you follow this guide it will be very easy for you. Always choose a hairstyle according to your face shape and then choose the best hairstyle that would suit you from the given list above. If you have any questions regarding you should definitely ask them in the comments section and we will definitely answer you. 


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