Thousands demonstrate in Kosovo over alleged rape of girl, 11

The alleged rape of an 11-year-old girl in Kosovo has prompted thousands of people to protest for a second consecutive day.

Demonstrators marched through the centre of the capital Pristina on Thursday to demand action.

Red paint was also thrown at Kosovo’s government headquarters and the justice ministry, according to images on social media.

The protests were organised by the NGO Feminist Action and the Reflection Collective, with banners reading “We demand the protection of girls and women” and “Educate the boys”.

One of the organisers, Trina Binaku, said the rape of an 11-year-old girl was a symbol of Kosovo’s “patriarchal system”.

Five male suspects — including three minors — are accused of sexually abusing the girl for several hours in broad daylight in a Pristina park on Saturday. They have all been arrested.

The head of the Kosovar police also resigned on Wednesday out of “professional conscience” over the case.

Binaku told the crowd that the protests will continue until the government introduces effective measures to punish gender-based violence and protest victims.

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