Those who run the western world now and those who preceded them may well have set themselves goals to transform the entire world into their image of what is right, fit and proper. I would argue however that this was an outrageously dangerous project from the outset.

This for many reasons.

Perhaps the primary reason of all is that the two main protagonists in this global act of many parts were most unsuited to this task. Those whose histories included genocide of a native population and slavery imposed on another. Those who had acted as legalised pirates and licensed drug dealers, exploiting, enslaving and endlessly enriching themselves.

Now they self-interestedly and conveniently ignore their past and have indulged in new excesses against others in the recent past. Virtually ignoring an institution that the entire world agreed would enable a more stable and peaceful world to exist, they forced through their demand to exist as exceptional and superior entities with some God-given right to administer punishments including mass death and destruction to others.

The above was assumed to be theirs by inalienable right, with full powers of judgment and delivery of whatever punishment was decided upon whether that be an imposition of financial penalties, draconian economic sanctions or the ultimate sanction of invasion, war and total destabilisation of societies.

What global right were given to these powers representing only a fraction of the world’s population. Where are the signatories to the death certificates for hundreds of thousands given as a blank cheque to the USA, UK and their proxies? Who designated them the ultimate arbiters of right and wrong? The answer is of course no one. They took these powers unto themselves and guard them jealously with all the levels of threat they now wield.

What are the effects we see from the ambitions of these relatively few nations (by comparison with all nations of our planet)? Do we see increased peace, prosperity and stability for all? Or do we instead see increasing levels of war and dispute, poverty and hunger, and an instability each and every one of us feels more and more strongly on a planet going wrong?

The effort to make everyone else conform to the self-set standards of this cabal of nations led by the United States is the primary cause of so many ills recognised ever more clearly in these recent years. Their desire to make others conform to their needs, desires and wishes is bringing nothing good to our world but only destabilising efforts that left alone would have a much greater chance of achieving equilibrium over time.

This is a world of great diversity where the everyday man and woman desires to live in harmony with others and believe in the right of sovereignty of their native home, their nation, their country. They do not want in my considered opinion to see interference exerted from outside their nation by powerful other nations who have some compulsion to change them, their ways of life or modes of governance.

The political (and often too the religious) elites of the USA and collective west see it as some kind of holy duty to do exactly that which the majority of populations in other nations do not want. The western powers insist however that it is their prerogative, one granted by no one however, to assert their self-given right to do as they please and those resisting should instead be grateful.

There is no enlightenment possible it seems which might change the minds of these interferers and potential invaders. The privacy and rights of others are ignored and constantly abused by them. They are spied upon, judged and categorised, labelled and libelled, talked of as lesser beings and made subject to the powers their “betters” impose upon them while they talk of “human rights”.

These nations, led by the USA and UK cannot succeed in this utterly wrong-headed task. All they will create is further disastrous conditions as their attempt to create the perfect “solution” in their terms creates only ever more problems.

It appears that they feel they would rather have no world at all than a world they cannot control and that they will NEVER come to understand the level of their hubris, arrogance and inevitably catastrophic fixed ideas on this issue. They appear fixed-mindedly decided upon following this path to the bitter end where we end with either a nuclear war or a world split in two. In the first case almost all is of course lost. In the second and more hopeful outcome, resistance to their efforts reaches a point where nations resolve to fully defend themselves and in so doing quarantine the West for the good of all.

It is clear that until then they are incapable of understanding any of this however.

Until the bitter end (for them or for all of us) they appear unable in particular to understand the following:


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