These Billionaires Just Contributed $1.3 Million To Help Republicans Take Control Of The House In 2022

A political action committee backing Republicans running for the House of Representatives in 2022 raised $8.4 million in the third quarter, about 15% of which came from billionaires and their spouses, according to an analysis of data filed with the Federal Election Commission on Friday. 

The committee, called Take Back The House 2022, raised $8.4 million between July and September. Forbes identified 8 billionaires and 6 spouses of billionaires who contributed about $1.3 million. Among the donors: Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, Blackstone cofounder Stephen Schwarzman and Omni Hotels owner Robert Rowling. The largest contribution among the group came from Rowling and his wife Terry, who donated $446,800.  

The committee transfers funds it raises to House Republicans who received less than 56% of the vote in 2020, or who received an average of less than 56% of votes for the last two election cycles, a spokesperson for House minority leader Kevin McCarthy told Forbes in July

Some of those funds have gone to support the campaigns of legislators who voted against certifying the presidential election in January. Typically, donors aren’t able to select where their money goes once it’s given to a joint-fundraising committee. 

Other notable, non-billionaire donors to the committee include former Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin ($50,000), Oculus founder Palmer Luckey ($100,000) and Joseph Craft ($73,400), who is the husband of Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft. 

Here is the full list of tycoons:

Robert & Terry Rowling

Source of wealth: Hotels, investments

Contributions: $446,800 

Jimmy & Susan Haslam

Source of wealth: Gas stations, retail 

Contributions: $250,000

Ken & Sherrilyn Fisher

Source of wealth: Money management  

Contributions: $228,258

Julianne Argyros, wife of George Argyros  

Source of wealth: Real estate, investments 

Contributions: $150,000

A. Jayson Adair

Source of wealth: Damaged cars 

Contributions: $100,000

Kenny & Lisa Troutt

Source of wealth: Telecom 

Contributions: $100,000 

Stephen Schwarzman

Source of wealth: Blackstone

Contributions: $41,500 

David Steward

Source of wealth: IT provider 

Contributions: $25,000

Jeremy & Margaret Jacobs

Source of wealth: Food service 

Contributions: $4,000 

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