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24th July, 2022, 2:55 PM

For the past week, US markets had a rather good rebound with the S&P 500 breaking above its 50ema which is a rare move.

Its going to be a BIG week with many lots happening. Firstly, we’ve got interest rate decision by the Federal Reserve. Their meeting will take place over Tuesday and Wedensday US timing so interest rates results will be out on Thursday morning (2am) Singapore time. Market is looking at a 0.75% increase although 1% might be on the table given the higher than expected inflation data.

Secondly, we’ve got US GDP data coming out on Thursday night Singapore timing. The data could tell us if USA has gone into a recession which is typically marked by two declining quarters. If the US is in a recession, it might spark off another round of selling.

Thirdly, we’ve got big tech companies reporting their results too. Meta, Apple, Amazon are just some that will be reporting this week. Look over here to see when your company will be reporting. Do take note that if you’re TRADING over results it can be dangerous as any disappointment in the results could result in a heavy sell down like SNAP.

Its going to be a rather volatile week so do stay alert!


HSI pulled back to our support and for long term investors this presents a good opportunity ahead. As for the week ahead, with all the big data that is to come we would be cautious in the short term as we might see increase in volatility. Currently HSI is trying to form a base at around the 20k mark. Only with a break above our short term downtrend then HSI might continue its reversal. For now we are just watching for that break. Tech stocks in HK are also presenting a good opportunity for long term entry.


STI showed surprise strength during the week and even managing to breakout of its 50ema. Banks mainly gave strength to the index but is facing near term headwinds at the downtrend line. Our next upside resistance is around 3249 area which will probably have some significant resistance.  Looking out for stocks that pullback like Sembcorp Industries. First Resources is also trying to find a base and is currently on our watch list.

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