The Venetian Festival Urges People to Celebrate the End of the Summer on the Seashores of Helsinki on Saturday | Finland Today | News in English |

HELSINKI—The Venetian Festival is celebrated on the seashores across the country, including Helsinki, on Saturday. This celebration marks the end of the boating and cottage season.

In Helsinki, it’s the first time that neighborhood associations are joining forces to create events across the city.

At least the following districts are involved in the program: Katajanokka, Katajanokanluoto, Kruununhaka, Lauttasaari, Punavuori, Töölö, Suomenlinna and Kuusisaari-Lehtisaari-Kaskisaari.

The organizers encourage participants to bring their food and to enjoy the fresh sea air.

In Katajanokka, for example, the local organization will bring tables covered with white table cloth to Matruusinpuisto (a park), where people can enjoy their own meals.

The police have granted permission to shoot fireworks for the organizers of the events in Vuosaari and Lauttasaari.

The events will officially take place between 18:00 and 22:00 in the evening.

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