The USA, UK and Australia have nailed their colours to the mast of a nuclear submarine destined to sail in the Taiwan Strait. The deal to give U.S. nuclear technology to Australia has rubbed sea salt in France’s wound as they have now lost a $50 billion contract after establishing what it thought was a watertight deal.

‘The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell said he understood why France was disappointed by the deal, adding that the EU was not consulted about the new alliance.

“This forces us once again… to reflect on the need to make the issue of European strategic autonomy a priority. This shows that we must survive on our own,” he said on Thursday.’

Is this the start of a long term separation between mainland Europe and its prodigal son, Britain and their now far more untrustworthy American friends? Will there be more talk now of a European Army? More importantly, is Europe in the process of being left to both increased Chinese and Russian influence now that the British boat has set sail firmly westwards?

These three, the USA, UK and Australia are now the primary neocon bastions, set on a course away from others who they consider less competent sailors in the present war of many theatres against Russia and China. With New Zealand unsure of its place within the Five Eyes, Australia becomes even more important as a true blue zealot utterly devoted to the neocon cause.

While others have at least a partial wish to engage in cooperation, to make deals and accept that the benefit of their economies is far more important than some geopolitical dogma, those preferring endless confrontation to preserve their myopic mindsets drift off to possible oblivion. Though on the way it is highly likely they will have more than one round of cannon-fire across their bows.

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