The regime in Kiev had a huge problem. In fact, to be more accurate, it had an entire series of huge problems. Of those problems, the one it chose to attempt an answer to above all others was how to enforce its rule on the pro-Russian population of south-eastern Ukraine.

After signing the Minsk Agreement which was meant to provide the pathway to peace only because its armed forces and extremist militias were being roundly defeated and it needed a ceasefire, it promptly dropped any pretence of adhering to it.

The Minsk Agreement was something the Kiev regime was never going to implement. Its agreement to allow federalised status to the pro-Russians in the Donbass was null and void as soon as it was signed. The only thing that mattered at that moment was that its forces would be saved from further humiliation. So lying through their teeth was decided on as the best option at the time. In this, they took a leaf out of the western political elite playbook which should be no surprise to anyone.

Now, six years later with the situation at a stalemate in the Donbass and pro-Russian sentiment rising across Ukraine and the president the people of Ukraine had elected to resolve the situation plummeting in the polls, that president needed a plan to get himself re-elected.

Zelensky had fought the election for president that he won by a landslide by posing as a regular guy who would resolve the tragic situation in Ukraine’s south-east by peaceful means. But now, facing a mounting challenge to his leadership he did what so many political gameplayers have done in the past, he played the foreign enemy card. Russia was now not an entity to work with to resolve the situation in the Donbass but as with his predecessor Poroshenko, he began a hate campaign directed toward Moscow and his counterpart there, Vladimir Putin.

Zelensky has ramped up a relentless campaign of misinformation no doubt advised by his western allies and conspirators to paint Russia as the fiercely aggressive Russian bear just awaiting its moment to pounce. Headline after headline has served to embed this concept in Ukrainian and western minds. Mainstream news entities in the West such as the BBC have been all too willing to play along.

So, what might the climax of this campaign be? What portrait is to be accepted as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at that point? And what are the final features of that plan which are being designed to paint in clear and indisputable colours the evil villain of the piece?

With those that matter groomed and primed to see Russia as constantly aggressive toward Ukraine the final steps will, I predict occur as follows.

Zelensky gets the bill past the Ukraine parliament to allow foreign troops to be stationed on Ukrainian soil.

Immediately after the bill is passed NATO troops and those from a range of other nations (another coalition of the willing) will arrive in western Ukraine.

These foreign troops will be dispersed to pre-set locations awaiting their detailed orders.

At an agreed moment a meticulously planned, well-rehearsed and fully coordinated attack of all foreign forces, with Ukrainian special forces given pseudo-pole-position will commence.

The concept behind the attack on the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics by such a force is clear to see. Putin and the Russian high command will at the very least be wrongfooted for the crucial first period of the attack. They will be told as the blitzkrieg attack from land and air occurs using crack special forces, that Americans, Brits and other foreigners are embedded within those of the Ukrainian army.

Putin and his advisers will be put in an unenviable position at this point. Already coalition troops will be inside republic administration buildings, at least those delivered by Blackhawk copters in the dead of night when the operation will certainly take place.

Many of those within the administrative hierarchy of the republics will be being held at gunpoint. In addition, its is certain that several major firefights will be occurring across land held by the republics’ self-defence forces. Any self-defence troops who have been unguarded and were taken by surprise will have been taken out.

Borders to the republics will have been breached here and there and various military vehicles will be entering and engaging targets. Washington, Whitehall and many other western elite nodes of power will be issuing dire warnings to Moscow regarding future consequences if it reacts militarily against the return of “freedom, democracy and renewed sovereignty of Ukraine”.

Moscow will be presented with a lose-lose situation. Accept the dismantling of these rebel republics leaving their majority pro-Russian populations to the tender mercies of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and the end of any freedom of speech and association regarding Russia, or… respond with a military attack killing coalition troops along with Ukrainian army personnel and potentially many of the pro-Russians now held captive.

This I believe is what is planned for the Donbass in the not too distant future.

And what will we hear about what has transpired once the dust has finally settled? What will western mainstream news entities have to say about it?

If the plan works without a Russian response… we will hear that a great wrong has been righted, that international justice has prevailed and that an abominable invasion of Ukraine has finally been eliminated and all resistance by Russian (yes Russian) troops thwarted. The headlines will proclaim, “Ukraine’s Sovereignty Restored!”, “Russia Defeated in Ukraine!” and “Russian Aggression Dealt a Mortal Blow!”

If the plan works but with a Russian response… we will hear the western world erupt with tales of evil Russian aggression that caused the deaths of countless heroes whose only goal was the freeing of their fellow Man and countrymen and gaining back the stolen sovereignty of Ukraine. New and extremely draconian sanctions would be levied on Russia along with it being kicked out of every international entity including those such as SWIFT in the international financial industry. Russia would be ejected from its seat on the United Nations Security Council. In short, all hell would break loose.

Of course, all of these latter potential outcomes will be known to Moscow and the regime in Kiev and their conspirators in the coalition will bet on them causing Putin and his advisers to hesitate and of course, we know the old adage concerning this…

He who hesitates is lost.

This is how I see things playing out no later than the next three or four months.

Did I miss something?

If so we will only have to wait a short period of time to find out…

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