The western powers conceived that they had very good reasons based on self-protection in making multiple military interventions across the Middle East, in central/south Asia and North Africa.

The claims made for these interventions, attempts to disguise the true motivations behind them, spoke in glowing terms of saving populations from dictators, of gaining them their human rights, of affording them freedom and bringing them democracy. But what has been the reality behind the PR campaign?

Each nation attacked has suffered a massive loss of life. The story concerning the level of human suffering brought about will never be told. Few westerners are interested in portraying such effects, carried out as they were for no one’s benefit but the western political elites ordering them. While the past death, destruction and suffering has been immense there are no signs of any respite from them. Destitute migrants increasingly attempt to cross over to the affluent West that promised them a better life. The USA continues to exert enormous pressure on all nations not to assist where it has brought such suffering about but failed in its regime-change operations such as in Syria and Venezuela.

The tide of suffering continues to sweep the world and those who perpetrated that suffering continue to assert how right they were to do it and how necessary it is to them to continue such activities in order to protect the western world. Of course, they continue to couch such concerns in terms of bringing the torches of freedom and democracy to all. But how many believe their weasel words at this point or believe in their brutally violent methodologies to achieve their aims?

Throwing a hand grenade into any situation rarely brought about an amicable settlement of the issue. Western elites in their frantic desperation to regain their aura of strength and invulnerability after 9/11 threw a volley of hand grenades into the nations they considered a threat to them. The resulting chaos of death, destruction and rising (not falling) hatred toward the western world was a very predictable outcome along with the immense suffering of millions of bystanders whose lives were completely torn apart. Economies were devastated, entire regions fragmented and in each case, the settled lifestyles and cultures of nations were shattered never to completely recover.

Out of the resulting mess of western intervention, interference and invasion, all of them against sovereign nations that had not lifted a finger against any western nation at a state level came the poverty and hatred of the West that gave rise to ISIS. Once again as it has done down through its history the USA created ever more problems for others claiming that it was delivering solutions. To U.S. elites they may well have seemed solutions while it was others that suffered and died and had their economies devastated. The history of their involvement in their southern neighbours is well known. The motives involved ALWAYS concerned their own interests, NEVER those of the populations they arranged assassinations, coups and sanctions against.

This pattern of chaos-creation by the USA and its allies has been in place for centuries and will continue without let or hindrance until some outside influence brings it finally to an end. No talk of the lies they told or the mass death they caused has any effect upon them. Their self-interest trumps all else, their narcissistic and overwhelming desire to preserve themselves, their privileged position and right to dominate all others and threaten them into submission conquers all. No nation not subordinated to the USA and its allies is safe from its desire to subvert and dominate them. A de facto prison planet where there is no aspect of life or culture that is not supervised and subtly authorised by the USA is the ultimate goal of U.S. elites and will remain so until the goals set post 9/11 are realised.

Those who cannot understand why there is a complete lack of diplomacy regarding the ever-growing threat of war and indeed nuclear war must understand the fact above. The protocols set in place post 9/11 do not allow for any reduction in the maintenance of pressure on any and all entities not fully subordinated to western command. No u-turn is possible. No modification of the goals is possible. They cannot be questioned, contravened or altered in any substantive way. They were unalterably fixed in place with the entirely unquestioned goal of the necessity for 100% security for the USA in perpetuity in mind.

Thus the continuing suffering of massive numbers cannot be avoided while this fixed obsession for U.S. security remains in place, this unattainable goal short of a virtual prison planet, this western elite consensus to maintain its patrician dominance and hegemonic control through a maintained economic and military dominance, are all rigidly maintained using all means conceived necessary in the West and at any cost.

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