The Prancing Prime Minister’s Drug Test Turns Out Negative; Then a Picture of Breasts Surfaces and Causes Apologies | Finland Today | News in English |

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (the SDP) has found herself in the wildest media frenzy of her career as the premier, a post she has held since 2019.

It all began last Wednesday night when a video montage from social media found its way on the pages of the Finnish media.

In the videos, that were filmed on Saturday, August 6, in a private apartment somewhere in Helsinki (Marin has constantly refused to say where), the Finnish prime minister dances wildly with her friends, some known from the pages of the Finnish yellow press, others heard on the airwaves of the radio.

So what? One may ask.

“If a crisis would occur, I would be aware of that before midnight on Saturday,” Prime Minister Marin said last Friday at the Finnish premier’s official residence, Kesäranta, in a press conference related to her party-hard-weekend.

Maybe so; maybe not. What we do know is that Finland is living through exceptional times in the middle of a process of seeking membership in the military alliance, NATO. Also, according to sources in the Finnish afternoon newspaper Iltalehti, the Finnish Defence Forces have been in a state of increased preparedness since the summer by the decision of the government.

So, some politicians, rightfully so, have expressed their concern over the condition and availability of the prime minister should something serious happen after the prime minister has arrived home in the wee hours of the morning after a long night out.  (On that night, Marin admitted she drank many drinks of mild alcohol but didn’t count how many.)

Another question Marin had to deal with last week also was, whether or not she had on that very night used drugs. In the videos, one can hear the group referring to “jauhojengi.” This translates to the “powder gang” in English – – – even with a poorer imagination, a direct reference to powder-like drugs, such as amphetamine and cocaine.

After being asked about that Marin has repeatedly said she has never taken drugs. She didn’t know what the expression in the video was about. Neither had she seen anyone using drugs. Her drug test, signed by a doctor, also turned out to be negative on Monday, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

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