The NFL Is Finally Finalizing A Deal With Dapper Labs – CryptosRus

Almost a month into the 2021 season, the NFL and the NFLPA are finalizing a deal for an NFT marketplace with Dapper Labs.

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  • According to Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal, “The NFL, NFLPA and Dapper Labs this week will announce a deal to launch a digital collectibles marketplace resembling the hit NBA Top Shot…”
  • The precise terms of the deal are yet unknown.
  • NBA Topshot is an NFT trading platform built on Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain protocol. It prides itself on giving fans a unique trading card experience by giving them a chance to own videos of player highlights.
  • NBA Topshot, despite slowing of late, is a massive success. According to Crypto Slam, the trading platform boasts total sales of over 700 million USD since launching in July 2020.
  • The NFL is by far the biggest sports league in the U.S. The NFL generated 12 billion in revenue in 2020. While the NBA brought in just over 8 billion.
  • The revenue-sharing model between the NBA and NBA Topshot is undisclosed. Dapper Labs is valued around 2.8 billion USD.
  • The NFL recently banned teams from brokering their own NFT deals.

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