The entire western world is in steep decline. The USA, its primary head without democratic mandate, is in the process of decapitating itself through its Ukraine policy. Collateral damage is being felt across its allies in the UK and European Union.

Meanwhile, the nations of the global south are treating the West’s demand that they criticize and ostracise themselves from Russia with disdain.

The geopolitical world has clearly reached a watershed moment. The power to command, dominate, manipulate and threaten the entire world from Washington and Whitehall is dissipating steadily on a daily basis.

As one power falls another rises.

China is by far the greatest power facing the USA and its proxies. China is the economic peer competitor to the USA and a constant expansion in its influence is being felt in areas the West has considered its own fiefdoms until now. We can see the U.S. and its proxies doing all they can to undermine the expansion of China’s win-win economic connections with other nations across Asia and beyond. Its war against China is still at the nascent stage with the main battles still ahead.

It is none other than Russia however that has taken upon itself to resist the desire of the USA and its allies to shore up its much sought after hegemony, global control through full spectrum dominance of air, land, sea and space with surveillance powers encompassing every last living soul worldwide.

Russia it is that reflects the shining spearhead against the waning, but still powerful, forces of the collective west. Russia was the power to stand firm and state, “Thus far and no more!” against the tide of U.S. belligerence moving steadily toward it. In Syria and now in Ukraine Russia has and is defending the East against the predatory ambitions of the West.

In Syria Russia stepped in after four years in which the USA, UK, France, Turkey and others sought to use proxies to bring down Bashar al Assad unleashing an unstoppable terrorist horde who would have undoubtedly installed a caliphate there if not defeated. Russia was their nemesis. Russia it was, through its powerful intervention, removed their threat along with the Syrian Arab Army and relegated the terrorists to the corner of Syria that is Idlib.

In Ukraine Russia is inexorably defeating the collective west even as the western powers do everything in their power to hinder Russia’s inevitable success in achieving the goals it set itself. The Donbass region will transfer to Russia within the next three months and any attack upon this new Russian soil will be dealt with severely, sending a very definite message to those opposing Russia.

That message is that Russia has fully regained its status as a sovereign world power capable of facing down any threat aimed at it, that it has regained full confidence and competence across all important fields of endeavour, has assembled a coalition of many extremely powerful friends and now fear no one

Russia has gained the admiration and respect of the global south rather than its criticism through its robust military posture regarding the adventurism of the US, its proxies and their tool, NATO. Nations are lining up to join Russia in the BRICS network, some of them erstwhile allies of the USA and West in general.

It is Russia that has been gaining all the while as the West, seen as an agent of chaos and instability across the global south and in Asia, has steadily lost influence. The disastrous regime change wars of choice instigated by the West post 9/11 have brought it into disrepute as an untrustworthy friend of ally, more a threat than friend in fact. The way the U.S. found it easy to break its word over the Iranian nuclear agreement showed just how untrustworthy it can be.

NATO, rather than not moving an inch further east as promised by multiple political elites of the West to Gorbachev, has desired to move right to Russia’s doorstep. We now see the response that Russia has given that betrayal. Now, with Iran and Turkey (a NATO member of course) we see a widening of the response against a western world requiring immediate quarantining.

As the West spirals down into debt, social discord and interminable disunity, economic disaster and unlimited disharmony the nations of Eurasia reflect the polar opposite where profitable interconnection and unity are the order of the day. Local currencies are being used ever more frequently in place of the dollar thus closing another route for western belligerence.

Much of the above is being led by Russia. And much of all else by China. Truly these two in mutual respect and heightening cooperation are leading a process that will eventuate in the creation of a new, multipolar world. In the background, China lends support and provides moral encouragement to the nation and leader who are at the forefront during the facing down of the West.

That nation is of course Russia, and her president, Vladimir Putin.

We now find ourselves truly fortunate to live at the start of THE NEW RUSSIAN CENTURY.

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