Though I am 100% in support of the end goals that Russia seeks to accomplish in Ukraine, there is something deeply immoral about any enterprise where mass death is brought about. Especially so in the context of the present cold-blooded ‘meat grinder’ process being employed. Of course this process has been demanded by the circumstances found by Russia due to the defence in depth system created by Ukraine with its NATO allies along the border of the Donbass and the iniquity of Ukrainian military bombardment of the Russian-speaking civilian population within it.

However, if we consistently visualise ALL those dying as evil, modern day Nazis we can get over such feelings. But, as we increasingly realise that with the most highly-trained Ukrainian troops having been eliminated, the reality is that ordinary Ukrainian citizens, family men, fathers, sons, brothers and husbands, who never volunteered for this but were pressed into service, forcibly conscripted, are those being killed, then an increasing sympathy must surely prevail.

The hell being experienced by hapless reservists given the choice of being shot by their own side or slaughtered by the Russians must surely garner some sympathy in those of us urging Russia on. Pummelled by incessant missile attacks, surely petrified and shell shocked, expecting death at any second in the most awful of conditions with only a tiny hole along a trench for protection or if lucky some larger dugout, unable to sleep, long having lost all hope… these men, the unwilling conscripts, must surely be pitied.

Not the modern day Nazis of course, those whose mentality has been reduced to the most sadistic and hate-fuelled condition… never those. But for those who never wanted to travel to the Donbass to kill anyone, who only ever wanted to live their lives with their families, yes most certainly I absolutely do feel for them and would suggest that we all should.

Of course Putin and the Russians in general never wanted this mass slaughter/bloodbath. The guilt for ALL of this lies with Zelensky and those pulling his strings in the USA, UK and EU. But still, I can’t help but feel a deep compassion for those decent Slavs dying now in their droves knowing that the next few weeks and months cannot help but see the number of dead, wounded and traumatised increase.

The USA and UK in particular embody the most cynical of all motivations pretending as they do to care so deeply for Ukrainians but effecting a policy whereby no attempt to establish peace is pursued but instead urging ever more useless resistance resulting in the current daily bloodbath.

Those who rejoice on either side at the deaths of others are in grave danger of losing what remains of their humanity. So it is that I would urge those who wish fervently to see their side win think sometimes of the very real tragedy that is inevitably taking place even while urging a final end that meets their desires for some form of ultimate justice.

War is hell, a form of legalised murder and our knowledge of what went on in previous wars, in world war one especially, should inform and confirm our views on that. The trench warfare taking place in eastern Ukraine now where incessant bombardment is used to ‘soften up’ resistance may well be the only way forward for Russia in the circumstances but I would urge that we all keep in mind the human tragedies involved with over 200 fatalities occurring each and every day and likely to increase from this point onward.

For those who wished to avoid the war, some of whom we have seen on film being chased down their street by recruiters, for those who were given the choice of being shot on the spot or go to the front and for those who are being shot for leaving their positions and not continuing to go through the absolute hell of the trenches I feel huge sympathy is warranted. To most Russians these men are brothers, considered as the same folk, as Russians in essence, the same Slavic genetic family whose ancestors, the Rus they have in common.

The present situation is deeply tragic. We who observe from a distance may not always find it so, as we are so removed from the horror. We only hear the cold daily statistics and are generally heartened or saddened depending on who gained or lost that day and on which side. But as human beings we should never experience any positive emotions past a certain limit, always tempered by the knowledge of the gross human suffering involved.

We may well look to a future expression of justice for all which can serve to justify the present carnage for us, but there always remains the risk that even while we seek an end where good prevails, that we are sullied and made callous by the process. At each moment I would recommend a constant and abiding attempt to find and retain within us those elements of universal compassion and sympathy that are vital to retaining our humanity within the context of this war, a war that never should have been but for the deeply cynical global ambitions of the West.


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