The jobs summit’s real winners: boomer asset owners and property developers

The only benefit from increasing migration, as is likely to happen as a result of the summit, will flow to homeowners and property developers.

(Image: Private Media)

If nothing else, the jobs summit will at least begin well today, with an excellent speech from Danielle Wood from the Grattan Institute, one that should be required reading not merely for summit attendees but every economist, commentator, journalist and politician opining on the summit.

From addressing education to expanding childcare to curbing industry access to and influence over politicians, Wood lays out a coherent set of challenges to lift productivity.

One thing notable by omission from Wood’s speech is any extensive discussion of migration — beyond urging us to do skilled migration smarter. That may sit rather oddly with what is purportedly one of the biggest issues at the summit for the media and business — increasing migration to 200,000 people a year.

Read more about who is set to benefit from a rise in migration.

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