It may be the case that U.S. and Taiwanese officials know without any doubt in their minds that time is running out for them regarding Chinese ambitions for Taiwan and are currently seeking to ‘bring on’ at least the perception among the international community that China is an aggressor and therefore untrustworthy as a trading ally.

Naturally, the possibility of lives being lost on Taiwan is not taken lightly, however goading China up to somewhere near the point where it makes some display causing casualties may also be countenanced for the same reasons as given in the paragraph above.

An official on Taiwan has said that China will be fully capable of taking Taiwan by force by 2025. This predicated I would surmise on a China that has already established itself firmly as a trusted trading ally by many more nations than now via its Belt and Road Initiative. At such a point it is much less likely that China would be in any way severely affected by the political and economic aftereffects of strikes against and an invasion of Taiwan.

Until China reaches such a position it remains vulnerable to a reputational downgrade that could seriously affect its plans vis a vis the BRI. The plan coordinated between the USA and the present authorities on Taiwan may be to goad China into making its play too soon and therefore bringing it into disrepute and so hindering its plans regarding its BRI.

This should be seen in the context of ‘The Great Game’, or better said these days, ‘The Global Game’. The elites of the most powerful nations on our planet are in an existential conflict regarding two totally disparate visions. Though it is clear that there will never be and indeed there was never any prospect of a utopian dream for humanity it does not stop one side in this conflict from believing with what appears to be absolute certainty that their vision MUST prevail. That side is of course led by the USA with the UK and all so-called liberal democracies backing it up with what in some cases appears to be absolute conviction. This backing reaches down from the political elites of these nations into many others such as that within their mainstream news entities, two of the most powerful being CNN and the BBC.

All the elites of the so-called western liberal democracies are fully on board in the war that is being fought against those nations deemed outside the canon of beliefs held by the self-styled righteous warriors seeking to spread their utopian dream across the entire globe.

Taiwan is simply one more weapon to use against those that the West seeks to eliminate entirely. In the interim, before the complete subversion of all systems regarded as beyond the pale a pretence of extremely moderate and temporary acceptance is being maintained by the West. This pretence will become ever more difficult to maintain however as circumstances change in favour of those it wishes to destroy. As China and Russia rise so too will the extent and power with which their enemies will use against them. This is already becoming quite blatant and Taiwan is only the latest example of the escalation we can expect to grow to ever greater levels as time goes on.

Meanwhile of course the whole of humanity faces existential threats that require an extremely high degree of unanimity across international borders to mitigate effectively. This makes for a global crucible of inevitable pain, trauma, anxiety and a host of other extremely negative effects such as rising depression and suicide levels.

While humanity suffers increasing paroxysms of negativity the elites fostering ever-worsening conditions will be locked completely outside such conditions totally fixated on the war they have been conducting most of their adult lives.

Taiwan, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, Iraq, Syria and previously Afghanistan and Libya are pawns in a “game” that in essence have no place within the war for domination that is being waged ruthlessly and irresponsibly by the West. They are collateral damage for whom there is no genuine concern on the part of the USA, UK, EU or others. They are mere chess pieces and tools to be used against their opponents in the most ruthless and callous of all possible games, The Global Game for world domination by the West.

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