The first post of PB’s 6th White House race –

At a 24% chance Biden’s a good bet for the WH2024 nomination

While all the PB focus for months has been on UK politics we have done very little on what is generally the biggest political betting event of all – the US Presidential election the next of which takes place in 2024. This will be the 6th White House race to be covered on PB the first being in 2004.

One of the big questions in US politics is whether 79 year old Joe Biden is going to run again at WH2024.

At the moment he is indicating that he will which effectively bars other Democrat hopefuls putting their hats into the ring.

My reading is that Biden will seek a second term and the current odds of 24% on the nomination offer value. Essentially if he decides to run he’ll head the ticket .

Second in the betting is Kamala Harris, the current VP, who I do not rate at all. It will be recalled that she pulled out of the WH2020 primary campaign even before the first state had its contest.

My long term WH2024 bet has been on the Oxford educated Pete Buttigieg who came to prominence at WH2020 and is now a senior member of the Biden administration.

Mike Smithson

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