The USA, UK and Australia are sticking their collective geopolitical tongue out at China. The message is consistent and clear, “We don’t like you. You’re not in our gang and you’re not getting in.” The thought of making friends doesn’t appear to have been considered in the slightest. Why?

Could it be that capitalism was only meant to be a success for certain nations and not for others?

As far as the idea that this is about human rights, democracy or freedom can be largely discounted. This is about influence, power and competition. In the end, it comes down to an economic rivalry that in previous times was said to be healthy.

Competition was the great solvent, or so we were told. Creating a cabal to fix things in your own interests was unhealthy. But there seems to have been a major shift since monetarism raised its liberalising head. Now, these three nations within the geopolitical kindergarten have decided to group together to stifle the success of a major rival. The whole world could suffer as a result.

The new kid on the block now in the capitalist playground has become too successful for his own good. The previously dominant bullies who ruled the roost have decided to put him in his place. Others look on in various degrees of shock and anticipation, some horrified, others ready to take advantage.

But this new boy who has learned how to make a success of others’ ways and play them at their game is well-muscled and well prepared for all they will throw at him. The chances are very much in his favour that he will only be strengthened through the opposition to him of the three bullies now acting in concert to do him down. An epic brawl is in prospect.

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