Perhaps the goal of universal control by western elites of all major aspects of geopolitical importance worldwide has ALWAYS been their goal but it has clearly existed at least as far back as the end of World War II.

In any event, it has become abundantly clear in the last two decades that this is the fixed goal that unites not only the West’s political elites but all others of any importance within their societies, in a war to achieve it.

In any event, it has become abundantly clear in the last two decades that this is now the fixed goal that unites not only the West’s political elites but of all others of any importance within their societies in a war to achieve it.

The pathway to having every nation globally mirror western liberal values and having systems of governance that mirror the so-called democratic systems of western nations runs through the ambition to undermine all systems, individuals and cultures which do not mirror these requirements.

Whether this goal and these requirements must also be acquiesced to by the dictatorships of western allies in the Middle East is doubtful however, that nations such as Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea and presumably Vietnam and others MUST do so has been made abundantly clear if not clearly stated as such.

This is a form of utopianism which in my opinion can only lead to disaster and mass death due to its inherently divisive nature. The mix of colonialist concepts of superiority, racist notions of the same and a mentality that reeks of the worst kind of intolerance seen in the western missionary zeal of the nineteenth century in Africa.

Western elites have almost completely dispensed with diplomacy in their demand that others comply with their demands and instead wage wars of overt and covert subversion, engage in insidious propaganda, information wars and outright military aggression to achieve their goal of forcing all nations to bend to their will. This they do expecting all those within their camp in a position to assist to do so and in so doing completely distort access to or reporting of objective truth.

In addition, a false facade of sanctity regarding all past and present acts of violence and all continuing acts of aggression, continue to be framed in a way that relieves western elites of any notion of culpability and instead provides a fig-leaf of universal goodness over their crimes.

In total, this portrait of western elites and their activities provides a constant platform for unlimited acts of international aggression, the potential for mass murder and destruction while total sanction for all such activities is readily and constantly available. In this respect, the iniquities of all previous misguided and brutally callous utopian demands of others whether in the political or religious fields are reflected.

The group-thought belief systems inherent, particularly in the USA and UK, have a long and inglorious history. The wiping out of the native population within what is now the United States and subsequent enslavement of millions from the African continent along with the colonialist exploits of the United Kingdom show where such exceptionalist and utopian concepts have led in the past.

What confidence can there be that this latest, largely US-UK project will be any different from their activities in the past? If an objective approach is taken informed by the myriad acts of international piracy and interference by these two nations in past times the answer must surely be little indeed. The most likely result will be a level of division, war, disruption, global chaos and misery quite unparalleled in human history.

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