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While other families hand out a ton of presents on Christmas, Kailyn Lowry has a holiday tradition of her own – one that excludes the typical act of gift-giving!

According to E! News, the 29-year-old Teen Mom star recently hopped on Instagram Stories to answer some fan questions. At one point, one person asked:

“Do you get your dogs Christmas presents like I do?”

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To which she replied and revealed that she doesn’t get her four children, 11-year-old Isaac Rivera, 8-year-old Lincoln Marshall, 4-year-old Lux Russell, and 14-month-old Romello Creed, any presents for the holiday:

“I don’t even get my kids Christmas presents.”

Of course, her response immediately raised a few eyebrows. Another social media user followed up by questioning:

“Wait you don’t get your kids christmas presents?”

Lowry then clarified:

“Not from me, no. Some of you are curious and some of you are really upset about this. Just know my kids are not going without. Let them have something they only do at their dads.”

When someone else pressed for even more details on why the kiddos don’t get gifts, the MTV personality went on to explain:

“I have gone over this many times, but I got tired of fighting [with] the dads [about] it & gave it up. Everytime I got the kids for Christmas my other family members were on opposite years with their families/kids & we started doing big vacations about 5 years ago. So Christmas can be with their dads & they don’t have to worry about splitting it.”

Honestly, a vacation sounds like a wonderful present – but that is just us! Lowry shared that her little ones “look forward to our family vacations every year” before adding:

“My kids don’t want or need for [sic] anything & I am thankful for that. Maybe one day we will celebrate without gifts on another day.”

Apparently, this is not the first time that the momma has broached this topic. She previously told her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, during a November 2020 episode of their Coffee Convos podcast:

“We’re not doing anything, like, I’m just not gonna have them so they don’t have to get each other stuff. I might ask them do they want to get each other anything for Christmas, and if they say yes, then I would just obviously facilitate that. They’re gonna be with their dads, I’m pretty sure, until the end of Christmas Day, so I feel, like, maybe by then it would be over but also I don’t know. It might be kind of nice to give each other something, so maybe we’ll see.”

She then doubled down on her decision to not exchange presents:

“It is kind of sad, and I get that. I definitely get that. I just feel like it’s a lot and the amount of money that I was spending on Christmas gifts and then I was only getting them for half the day and then I had to share. There was just so much going on that I was never gonna have three happy dad situations.”

What do YOU think, Perezcious parents? Would you want gifts or a vacation for the holidays? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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