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A weird comparison? Isn’t it? On one side, Tang is an American drink mix and on the other hand, Nestea by Nestle is a type of iced tea. So what’s the point in comparing both? In India, both are popular instant drink mixes for their refreshing taste and fortified vitamins. There is a myth that says that Tang is for children whereas Nestea is for adults. This is somewhat wrong as the concept of both is not clear. So today in this article we will be comparing Tang with Nestea and will be analyzing which one is better compared to the other. Let’s begin.

Why are Tang and Nestea considered similar?

Nestea is an instant iced tea that is considered very refreshing and fortified with vitamins. On the other hand, Tang is an instant drink mix that is also refreshing and also contains added vitamins. In India, both are consumed as refreshing squashes. Tang is recommended for children whereas Nestea is recommended for adults as it contains caffeine. But when it comes to choosing a drink mix for adults, most of them prefer Nestea over Tang. So today, we will be analyzing the topic Tang vs Nestea and will be determining which one is better compared to the other in aspects of nutritional aspects, presence of vitamins and so on.

Tang vs Nestea – Comparision

Tang vs Nestea – Nutritional difference

NutritionAmount in Nestea (100g)Amount in Tang (100g)
Vitamin C125mg35mg
Nutritional difference of tang vs nestea

Tang vs Nestea – Amount of sugar

Both, Tang and Nestea are types of refreshing squashes that are filled up with sugar. Tang contains 93% sugar that is 93g sugar in 100g of tang. On the other hand, Nestea contains 78% sugar that is 78g sugar in 100g of Nestea. The amount of sugar is high in both of them, but compared to Tang, Nestea contains less amount of sugar.

Tang vs Nestea – Food color

Nestea is free from all types of food colors. The color in Nestea comes from the tea extracts added to it. But Tang contains food dye by the name food color 171. Color 171 is also known as titanium oxide and is not considered good for our health. According to EFSA titanium dioxide can damage your DNA and increases the risk of developing cancer. So in this case, Nestea gets the point.

Tang vs Nestea – Vitamins

Tang comes with Vitamin A, B, C and Iron but the amount present is not more than 5%-10%. But if we talk about Nestea, it is fortified with Vitamin C. One serving of Nestea fulfills 25% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. The difference between both is that Tang contains more varieties of vitamins but the amount is very less, whereas Nestea contains Vitamin C but the amount is very high. So, its entirely up to you whether you want to go with the high amount or the varieties.

Tang vs Nestea – Calories

If we talk about calories, Tang contains more calories than Nestea. This is because of the high sugar content of Tang. 100g of Tang contains 369 Kcal of energy whereas 100g of Nestea contains about 318Kcal of energy.

Tang vs Nestea – Amount of the main ingredient

When it comes to fruit content, Tang contains 0.9% lemon fruit powder (its main ingredient) which is very low compared to other instant mix drinks. The main content in Nestea is tea extracts. Nestea contains about 2% tea extracts which act as its main ingredient.

Tang vs Nestea – Pricing

Tang is the clear winner when it comes to pricing. 400g pouch of Nestea costs you around Rs 160 whereas 500g of Tang costs you around Rs 132. The price difference is very nominal when it comes to small sachets.

Tang vs Nestea – Taste

Now the taste of both is different. Some prefer the lemon flavor over the iced tea one. It’s a matter of choice and which one is chosen by you more. It’s totally your personal choice. I personally like the lemony taste of Tang over Nestea.

Tang vs Nestea – How to make?

Both Tang and Nestea are instant drink mixes and are very easy to make. You just need to open the sachet and mix it with water. Both of them easily dissolve in water.

Tang vs Nestea – Which is better for children?

In India, Tang is given more to children compared to Nestea. This is because Nestea contains tea extracts and tea extracts are generally rich in tannins and caffeine. As a result, it is not given to children. But the amount of tea extracts used in Nestea is in permissible amount for children and won’t harm your kids if given in less amounts. On the other hand, Tang is absolutely free from tea extracts, making it a better choice for kids.

Tang vs Nestea – Which is better?

After this analysis, Nestea can be easily concluded better for adults as it is free from any types of harmful preservatives and added color. Moreover, the amount of sugar present in Nestea is less compared to Tang. It is also a good choice for children over 12 years as little amounts of tannins and caffeine are considered good for reducing lifestyle-related diseases. On the other hand, Tang contains harmful color 171 which is not good for your child’s health. If you can prepare fruit juices at home, then it is the best option for you always.


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