Stephen L. Miller catches Joe Biden completely undermining his justification for student loan bailout


This afternoon, Joe Biden — or, rather, one of the lowly minions charged with running his Twitter account — proudly tweeted that “we got it done” with regard to COVID, jobs, businesses, and schools:

No matter how tired he is, he’s always got time for a victory lap.

Yeah, we’ve gotta say, the things that got done were done despite Joe Biden and his friends’ efforts. It’s actually pretty gross to see him try to take credit for that stuff considering how hard he and Democrats fought against it.

Anyway, Biden’s tweet is irritating enough on its surface. But if you read into it a little bit more, it becomes straight-up obnoxious. That’s what Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, did, and he’s caught Biden in a pretty massive lie:

Last week, we learned that President Biden was using a post-9/11 law to justify his bypassing Congress in order to cancel student loan debt. The law concerns debt cancellation during times of war or national emergencies, and according to the White House, the COVID pandemic constitutes a national emergency. How is it possible that COVID no longer controls our lives while simultaneously being a national emergency that requires taking some people’s hard-earned money and giving it to other people who didn’t earn it?

That bit is probably the most dishonest part of Biden’s entire tweet.

Biden wants to have his cake and eat it, too. Meanwhile, we’re barely left with crumbs, and he’s still not finished coming after those.

Fine by us.



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